Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Rachel Pennington

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Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Rachel Pennington

Name: Rachel Pennington

Country: England

Last visited Crete: May 2002

Crete is special to me because the island is Fantastic, its weather, the people and not to mention the food over there. I love Hersonissos so much, you near to alot of things and its just ideal to get away and relax. Its a place to remember!

Favourite restaurants in Crete: The Starlight Restaurant in the heart of Heronissos the People were friendly and me and my father made very good friends with the owners. The food was out of this world

Favourite accommodation in Crete: Rose Marie, its part of Kosmar, very basic but friendly than ever.

Favourite beach in Crete: All of them, i'm not really a beach lover but these you just couldn't resist
You have to see in Crete: Samaria gorge and the Knossos Minoan Palace are both fantastic, long days but worth every bit

Night Life in Crete: with me being 18 it was fantastic, the Tiger bar (Hersonissos), the Irish bar (Hersonissos). Bars were fantastic, just amazing..

Off the beaten path in Crete: If you are an explorer well worth it, flowers and lush green, your own little paradise

When in Crete be careful about The mopeds! Crazy :)

Transportation: Buses and taxis are brilliant, they take you anywhere for next to nothing

Cultural Tips:

Favourite Links about Crete:

Additional Comments: I want to live there and can you blame me :)


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