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OurCrete Personal Pages - The Page of RHODA

Name: Rhoda

Country: Canada

Last visited Crete: June 25 to June 30, 2005

Crete is special to me becauseit is so beautiful.The scenery is breathtaking.

Favourite restaurants in Crete: Blue Sky at Ayia Marina, west Crete, as well as a restaurant on top of a hill in Gouves...looking down at the gorgeous beach!

Favourite accommodation in Crete: Thisseas Sudios in Rethymno....a few blocks from the SEA!

Favourite beach in Crete: the long sandy one in Rethymno, and a beautiful one at Ayia Pelagia, as well as at Ayia Marina

You have to see in Crete: Rethymno, Ayia Marina, Chania, Iraklio, Ayia Pelagia, Knossos, Roustika (up in the mountains south of Rethymno)

Night Life in Crete:

Off the beaten path in Crete:The small church of Agios Georgios, by car from Hersonissos take the road to the East.

When in Crete be careful about

Transportation: I like to travel by car..... did so with a friend. We drove from one end to the other....wpaia (BEAUTIFUL)

Cultural Tips: Would like to see more Greek dancing..... did see some on ship to Santorini and back!

Favourite Links about Crete: -

Additional Comments:

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