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Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Selena

Name: Selena

Country: UK

Last visited Crete: Feb 2003

Crete is special to me because I have been working there every summer for five years now, along with my mother who is an aromatherapist, and I have never been anywhere else where the people are so friendly and welcoming. I also love waking up in the morning and seeing the sea, and watching the sun rise over the mountains there.

Favourite restaurants in Crete: In Stalis: Romantic Corner: great food, and one of the nicest views in Stalis, plus friendly service (I met my boyfriend Billy there!).
Anatolia: nice waiters and Manos and Lefteris the owners were very friendly too. Hellas Taverna: their traditional Greek food is Amazing, and there is usually a lot of Greek dancing going on too...

Favourite accommodation in Crete: La Luna appartments, Stalis on the main road, not the one on the beach road. Run by the Salavantakis family, they were the reason we decided to come back to Crete because of such a good holiday staying there. Their son Yiorgos is a very good friend, the rooms are clean and huge, and the staff great fun. There is a nice pool, and delicious BBQs.

Favourite beach in Crete: Most of the beaches that I know are very crowded most of the time, but there is usually a nice spot somewhere along the Stalis beach, best to head for your favourite daytime bar and use theirs.
You have to see in Crete: Knossos ruins, very impressive and although it has been controversially restored, it gives a great image of how it originally looked. Also see the sunrise, with someone nice!

Night Life in Crete: Where to start? It really depends what kind of nightlife you prefer. Firstly in Stalis for dancing, go to either Stargate or Miami. Stargate has a larger dance floor, but Miami seems to have more atmosphere. Both places have great music and staff. For traditional Greek drinking, find the raki bar slightly back from the beach road, kind of near Sea Wolf. It's new this year and is owned by the people who used to run Yogis, great mezes with your raki.
Personally I prefer Hersonissos to Malia, too many 16yr olds vomiting and having sex all over the place for me... For dancing try Camelot Club and Amnesia. Camelot has my favourite DJ Mr G, it can get VERY busy at the height of the season but is very cool. I find the drinks can be a little more expensive there, but it's worth it for the atmosphere. Amnesia has slightly different music, you have to choose which you prefer. My previous favourite place in Hersonissos was Coyote Bar, formally Trust, but I'm not sure if it's opening this year.

Off the beaten path in Crete: Find Lychnostatis Museum, between Stalis and Hersonnissos. It is very relaxing and romantic, but easy to miss. It recreates Cretan houses, has a herb garden, chapel, beautifully carved trees and wine tasting etc. I enjoy visiting it every year, and often take a book to sit and read there.

When in Crete be careful about Driving scooters, I can not be hypocritical and tell you not to ride them as I do it myself and often without a helmet, but they are Very dangerous, as are the other drivers on the road. Going against what people usually say about Greek drivers, its usually much more the drunk tourists driving that cause the accidents.

Watch out for the "kamakia", young and sometimes older male workers who have the hobby of "kamakiing" or chatting up as many girls as possible. In 95% of cases, the next week they will be with someone else, so please try not to fall in love and BE SAFE!

Do not take drugs there at all, the penalties are severe and you don't need drugs to enjoy the place.

Transportation:Buses are very regular between Stalis/Malia/Hersonnisos, usually every half an hour and cheap. Get on at the back and sit down, the conductor will come and take your money for your tickets. either press the button or tell the conductor where you want to stop. After about 11pm, you will have to get a taxi. decide a fare before you get in. Its much better to take a bus to Heraklion yourself than take a tour, its way cheaper and you will have time to see everything properly rather than being rushed along. You won't get lost and you can always ask a passing Greek to help you.

Cultural Tips: Like everyone says, learn some Greek, eg Yiamas is cheers. Try the greek food and don\'t live in english pubs there whats the point of going?

Favourite Links about Crete:,

Additional Comments: If you see a girl doing henna tattoos in Stalis this year come up and say hi, it could be me! Also if you want an aromatherapy massage, e-mail me and I will send you my mother's details.

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