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Name: Louise

Country: Ireland

Last visited Crete: May 2008

Crete is special to me because it was me and my boyfriend Ashley first holiday together..

Favourite restaurants in Crete: Maria's Golden Beach... we went to the wrong Maria's, the Tavern on the first night and I was really sick!! The best place in all of Stalis to eat in is Maria's Golden Beach, all the staff are so funny and nice we went there every night.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: the Stefania Apartments in Stalis. We stayed there and will definitely return.

Favourite beach in Crete: whatever one I was standing on. Ha!
You have to see in Crete: Sissi Island, get a boat trip. It's gorgeous and well worth the money.

Night Life in Crete: My favorite bars, pubs and clubs in Stalis are the Leprauchaun Bar and Slainte. We stayed there the whole week and we had a ball.

Off the beaten path in Crete: is yet to be explored...

When in Crete be careful about: lads on mopeds or quads.. they wont slow down or stop.. also the mosquitos are huge in Crete!!!

Transportation: I like to travel by foot, you see more and in my opinion its much safer!!

Cultural Tips: Dont have any...

Favourite Links about Crete: didn't find any apart from this one..

Additional Comments: I cant wait to go back to Crete.. We are hoping to go back in September.. Best week ever.. loved every second of it...

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