Your Crete Personal Page by Sylvia and Derek

Crete travel guide

Your Crete Personal Page by Sylvia and Derek

Name: Sylvia & Derek

Country: England

Last visited Crete: Sept 1999

My tips on Crete:exploring this island is a must.

Favourite restaurants in Crete: We have many but Esperides is a nice and friendly run restauraunt. We go there most of the time while on holiday.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: Kastalia apartments at Kamissiana

Favourite beach in Crete: Phalassarna beach in west Crete.

You have to see in Crete: Elaphonissi, Agia Triada,the Samaria gorge, Therisso, Sougia, Elos, Chania, to name but a few.

Night Life in Crete: You can have it quite,or there are plenty disco's in and around Chania.

Off the beaten path in Crete: There are mountains and there are valleys. There are plenty off the beaten tracks to choose from.

When in Crete be careful about: There is not a lot to be careful about, except just remember where you are.

Transportation: Two feet, cycle, taxi (good value), bus (even better), your hired car go any where,any time and almost any place.

Cultural Tips: to respect there ways,to cover up when visiting there churches.

Favourite Links about Crete: making new friends and seeing old friends, Sun, Sand,Sea which is all colours blue.

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