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Your Crete Personal Pages - The page of Tina Toon

Name: Tina Toon

Country: Sweden

Last visited Crete: August 2003

Crete is special to me because it feels like home. Nowadays I don' t even feel butterflys in my stonach when I arrive at the island, I just feel relieved over being "home" again.

Favourite restaurants in Crete: To Hellinikon in Hersonissos. 2 min walking from the beachroad and you' re about to explore a GENUINE greek restaurant! ***** Good food, reasonable prices and WONDERFUL staff.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: The "Melrose Place" building in Hersonissos. The ONLY option. ;)

Favourite beach in Crete: The small Creta Maris beach, the nude beach, the New York-beach, Starbeach, the small Silva Maris beach, the big Creta Maris beach, Kaluha beach... Did I forget anyone? ;)
You have to see in Crete: The most handsome greek guy: Yiannis Anifandakis at Santanna beach bar in Hersonissos... ;)

Night Life in Crete: NRG Nightclub, Oxygen, Flowerz, Amnesia, Status, New York, Offpiste, the beachparty and the foamparty at Starbeach. And the rest of the beachroad & main street\'s bars...

Off the beaten path in Crete:A greek wedding. Get yourself some greek friends and try to be invited! Or see the movie "My big fat greek wedding". ;)

When in Crete be careful about Falling in love with the island and HAVE to go back at least 2 weeks a year for the rest of your life. Or move down permanently.

Thieves. They appear in the most disguiseful dresses, and preferably they steal your heart, but sometimes even your dignity...

Transportation: Scooter for short distances, bus for longer distances, and rental car for the "undiscovered" parts of the island. The busses don' t run very often in the south and inland I' ve heard... And try to attend a boat-tour. For example El Greco Water Sports in Hersonissos, they go to Sissi every day from the port at 12.00.

Cultural Tips: The "rauk"

Favourite Links about Crete:,,,,,,,

Additional Comments: Eimai Kritikia stin kapdia mou! =)


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