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Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Trond

Name: Trond

Country: Norway

Last visited Crete: July 2003

Crete is special to me because It' s hard to explain, but I just love the island the places and the people, and so does my girlfriend!

Favourite restaurants in Crete: Rodaria is a very nice taverna in Georgioupolis. The food there is very good and the atmosphere is great. It is run by the Kokolakis family. The sons and the daugther is serving while the mother of the family is the head of the kitchen. It is an experience to dine there. Believe me! If you are in Georgioupolis you must have a drink at the Sunlight Bar at the town centre.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: Geougiopolis is a beutilful village situated between Hania (Chania) and Rethymnon! It is a place where you can choose between the quiet life or you can have a nigth on the town. There is not too much traffic either!!

Favourite beach in Crete: I haven' t tried too many beaches in Crete, but if I have to recommend some of the ones I have been on, it has to be the GEORGIOUPOLIS beaches. The longest beach in Georgioupolis is also the longest in Crete. It streches all the way to Rethymnon.

The part of this beach that is nearest to the village has a wonderfull sand that never gets too hot and it don' t get all over your towel (It' s true!!)!! And it is never too crowded!!

I can also recomend the PLAKIAS beach which is very quiet and relaxing! Next summer (2004) my goal is to visit ELAFONISI and PREVELLI!!
You have to see in Crete: GEORGIOUPOLIS (I' m in love with the village). ARGIROUPOLI is a fantastic place where the locals always welcomes you. Here is the remainings of Lappa (an old Cretan town) and some fantastic waterfalls. This is south of the KOURNAS lake which is also worth a visit. PLAKIAS is a holiday place away from the charter tourism.

PS! the old road from Georgioupolis to Plakias is made of rocks and sand. So if you don' t have a jeep (we didn' t), you better keep on the main road (we didn' t but we made it over the mountain, bearly)!!

Night Life in Crete: I like the quiet life: sitting on my favourite taverna eating souvlaki, drinking the local beer, a litle ouzo before I go to one of the more quiet coctail bars (they exist) and have drink or ten with my girlfriend!

Off the beaten path in Crete: Every little town or village in Crete has its own charm. And you will always feel welcome.

When in Crete be careful about Keep to the main road when crossing the Mountain with car. Don' t try the old roads!!!!
Always be polite to the Cretans they are always polite to us!!

Transportation: RENT A CAR!!! Then you are free to go where ever you want! Crete is an OK place to drive.

Cultural Tips: I love the Ouzo and Metaxa. But I also accept Raki if they offer me after the dinner. It is unpolite to say no. But if you don' t drink alcohol, just let them know, they wil understand.

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