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Bar Cafe Friends in Elounda Review by Ann Glading (UK) - Rating 10/10

Friends Cafe Bar is located in the main square in Elounda. We first visited Friends last May, it had not long been open. We were blown away at how incredibly modern and chic the place is, but it's Cretan roots dominate. The mood of the place changes throughout the day.

We know Dimitris from way back and his hospitality in previous years was the reason we first visited. We were not dissapointed. We go there every time we are in Elounda. We intend moving on but we never do. We are too comfortable and and are often the last to leave. I curse him when I get back to England because I nibble away at the "goodies" that are always on the bar and my hips show the result. We visit Elounda at least twice a year and regard Friends as our local because we go to there more often than we do our local pub.

The Friends team are all great: Deborah starts the day, Katerina finishes and Chloe is there sometimes. Rita is there sometimes also but not as often as when it first opened.

When we think of Elounda, Friends is the place that always springs to mind. Dimitris tossing bottles into the air, the lovely food and the party atmosphere that goes through the whole of the season. We've been back four times at different times and it is always the same. Elounda must have the best bars etc on the island we haven't been in one we haven't liked.

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