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Bar Rockas in Episkopi Review by Blondie (USA) - Rating 10/10

This place, Rockas Bar, was one of the highlights of my trip to Crete!!! Its on the northern coast which tends to be touristy and overdeveloped, however Rockas has something different to offer. It is located just a short drive outside Rethymno and is on a long stretch of beach that is gorgeous.Episkopi Beach.
The music at Rockas was exceptional as its hard to find good tunes in Crete...usually the music tends to be geared towards the Euro top 40 hits. Rockas has something different to offer....chill funky grooves all day ....think Thievery Corporation, funky Latin house, Cafe del Mar styles. Very cool.
The crowd is mostly young Greeks so you really get to mingle with the local population, which is something I like to do when traveling. The ambiance is very laidback, beach styles and funky. This is definately not your "catre to the masses" type of place. Tourism being the number 1 source of income for most people in Crete it is rare to find something so special just a short ride froom your hotel.
I highly recommend this place for a drink, a bite to eat, a swim and some nice mellow grooves.

Bar Rockas in Episkopi Review by Ittoe (USA) - Rating 10/10

This is the best place to hear international dj's in the best setting known to mankind. Open white sand beach, huge sound system and plenty of nice young ladies.

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