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Camelot Club in Hersonissos by Patrick Roche (Ireland)- Rating 01/10

I spent all of last summer in Hersonissos in Crete and i absolutely loved everyday and loved every bar and nightclub except for one: Camelot Bar / Nightclub.

A young girl got assaulted by a big well built bouncer, he actually punched her in the face which left a very bad feeling on my trip to Crete. The Police were contacted and the caught the bouncer but let him go because they said it wouldn't go to court until December and we obviuosly would not be on Crete in December.

While I was in Hersonissos, I heard a lot of bad things about Camelot bar, so i'd advise people to steer clear of it. Other than this incident i had a great experience in Hersonissos and i am actually going back this Summer again and i can't wait!!!!!!!

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