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Bar New York in Hersonnisos Review by Adele and Sonya (Northern Ireland) - Rating 10/10

when I think back to my holiday in Hersonisoss (July 04), the one night that defines it is the night we spent in New York Bar. After visiting Black Cactus, Players, Boomerang, Amnesia etc, we then ventured to New York were we were promised bar dancing, sexy bar staff and general crazy partying!

On arrival the place was buzzin and we looked out to see a beautiful sunset (6am approx) so we got our drinks and headed straight out for the beach front, which is down a few steps from the bar.

The atmosphere was great, there were people swimming in the sea, dancing on the sand, chilling at the tables,dancing on the bar, just generally a crazy place! the staff were great, very friendly and playful. Also met a lot of dutch guys who were brilliant fun, who coincidentally "tried" to teach me some dutch, which i happen to think was pretty rude as i shouted it to shocked people(ha!)

We danced on the sand, flirted with the bar staff and drank till 8am, then walked up the still busy streets comparing this enchanting resort to home life, it was one of the best nites we spent in Hersonisoss and one i will never forget. They say that once you visit Greece you'll never look anywhere else, I cant tell you how true that is for us.

See you July 2005.

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