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Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Tina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Rating 10 / 10

Quarto bar in Hersonissos is a place not to be missed! I went there the first evening when I came to Crete and it became like my second home! I was there from May 7th to May 17th 2008 and had a blast! I actually cried when I had to leave all those great guys! Neil is soooooo funny, the guys at the bar all great, friendly, the girl working at the bar is gorgeous and too nice, kind, friendly...BUT THE DJ, oh My God, so sexy, sexy, sexy...plays the best music.....and soooooo cute... :-) Anyone knows his e-mail?

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Maria (Russia) - Rating 10 / 10

Hello, I also want to leave the review of my visit of Quarto Bar. First of all I would like to say thanks for every guys who work there, and especially to Zacharias, who was simply the best!:-))) Allmost all of the days that I spent in Crete, I was in Quarto - its magical and fantastic music and atmosphere made it unforgettable.

In Moscow we have 100's of night clubs and bars, but I didn’t love anyone of them as much as i liked Quarto! Thank u for the fact that it exists, thanks to people who make it possible to exist.

I intended to go to Mallorca in July but now I changed my mind and we plan to come back to Hersonissos in the middle of July.

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Emma Q (UK) - Rating 10 / 10

Quarto Bar in Hersonissos was our fave bar ever! Manos (DJ) played a wicked set! Nicos - beautiful smile and Jimmy thanks for helping me xx. Most friendly and entertaining staff you'll ever meet and Nial - what can I say? : )
Love Emma, Remy and Marianne x x x thank you!

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Zhenja (Russia) - Rating 10 / 10

At first you think "What a stupid red-haired guy" but Neil is very funny and does his job professionally. Because you go inside. Leonidas looks serious but he has a sense of humor and is kind. Thank you for giving me a ride on your bike;) Nikos has a smile you'll never forget. The Quarto Bar in Hersonissos has a special atmosphere and gather special people.

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Debbie Race (UK) - Rating 10 / 10

Simply the best. Have been there several times and the staff are now friends and will be coming to London soon. Everyone is treated like family and looked after. The music is great and the company better.

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Louise Stevens (UK) - Rating 10 / 10

Quarto Bar in Hersonissos - The only place to be!! Me and my 2 friends went to Crete in June 05 for a 2 week holiday. On the first night we went to some bars like the New York bar, Saloon bar, etc. They were all preety fun.

On the way home we approached Quarto bar and was persuaded to go in by Manos who worked on the door. From that night on Quarto bar became our second home. The guys and girls in there are the kindest people we have ever met. They have become our friends for life. We spent the whole 2 weeks in the bar and even met them in the day times to go to Malia beach. They took us Paragliding, jet Skiing and basically we all had a great time together.

Zach who owns the bar is every girls dream, has everything anyone could want, and is always there when you need something. DJ Manos plays the best music. He has a cute smile and a very witty sense of humour. You can have a good laugh with him. Andreas, very gorgeous, nice butt - What more can i say!!!! Bar Manos, very caring. Gave us the phrase MANOS NOOOOOOOO!!! The guys outside Niel- Naughty boy!! Marios, Manos x 2 great guys.

We also got to meet lots of there friends who became regular drinking buddies for us. Nikkos, Alex and George. Met lots of friendly people in the bar who we are still in contact with now. We enjoyed our time so much and stayed in touch with the guys that we have just got back from a weekend out there. Cant wait to see you all next year.

All our love the Girls - Louise, Debbie and Pepper

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Sophie and Francesca (UK) - Rating 10 / 10

Quarto bar in Hersonissos is the best!!! The people are really friendly and it is really lively!! It is brilliant for if you want quiet - or a bit of a disco - either sit inside (lively!) or outside where it is quiet!! it is amazing!! Ya defo have to go!

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Aoife (Netherlands) - Rating 10 / 10

I was there 3/4 years ago... I loved it.. it was a blast.... the best time of my life.... hope ye are all still there... Jimmy, Zack, Rachel etc. hello, and i' m missing ye loads...


Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Sasa (Croatia) - Rating 10 / 10

That bar is the place where me and my friends had the best fun. Great barwoman Rachel with beautiful smile and music from DJ in bar make you feel just great. The best place in Hersonissos for fun. Just go there and you will see.

- photos of Quarto Bar submitted by Sasa -

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Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Amy (Ireland) - Rating 10 / 10

There' s always a great atmosphere in Quarto Bar. Excellent service and very friendly staff. Resident DJ plays great selection of music. Also lovely outdoor restaurant called Opa.

Bar Quarto in Hersonissos Review by Stefan (UK) - Rating 10 / 10

This bar also has seats outside, but for a great atmosphere you need to be inside with the friendly, crazy staff ... the bar girls in particular when i visited in august 2002 ... Rachel (Holland) and Lena (Norway) who I have fallen in love, Lena will be there until October when she returns home (email me please)

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