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Cafe Bar Posto in Bali Review by Liz Godfrey (England) - Rating 10/10

Right on the Bali beach with spectacular views this is a fabulous cafe bar- Cafe Bar Posto. This was our first time to Crete and to find such a gem of place was fantastic. We visited every day. The hospitality is excellent (free fruit, Raki,crisps,nibbles), the service is better than excellent - conversation if you want, privacy if you want, the food from the menu (especially Cretan salads, mixed variety and Pizzas) are both delicious and value for money. Wonderful ambiance,friendly, good food stuning scenery what more could you want!

Cafe Bar Posto in Bali Review by Steve B (England) - Rating 08/10

As most of us know, Crete has a way of coming up with surprises, and it is not just off the beaten track in the mountains that the unexpected can happen.

On a recent visit, we decided it was definitely a "beach-day", and not being fans of big crowded beaches, we decided on a pleasant drive to the more sleepy hamlet of Bali. After a ramble round the streets, to take a few photos, some refreshment was called for before taking to the beach.

Though Bali is a small place, there are a good variety of taverns to temp you, but as we only wanted a drink, we sought out a laid back one. What really attracted us to Posto, was the music coming from inside: Psarantonis ,one of the finest of Cretan musicians, drifted across the air, calling us like a Siren!

The first surprise came when our host Vasilis, brought us the menu. This has to be the most interesting menu I' ve ever come across! In between the items for sale, are the most amazing selection of pictures, artwork, cartoons, jokes and history. One can happily sit reading this menu for hours!

It wasn't too long before we were chatting happily on first name terms with our host about Crete, music, people and a dozen other subjects. Indeed, so pleasant was the company, it took a real effort to drag ourselves away and to get to the beach!

Inevitably, some 3 hours later, having been nicely cooked by the Cretan sun, we found ourselves drawn back to Posto for more drinks and snacks . It was then we began to learn much more about Mr Vasilis Papoutsakis( a fine Cretan name!) After some chat about what was so special about Crete, and why we keep coming back, conversation turned some how to Santorini, Minoans, Zeus and myths and legends. Now Vasilis really came into his own.

Despite being very tired, due to the arrival of a new daughter 10 days earlier, Vasilis proceeded to give us a fascinating lesson on ancient history. He explained to us that "Bali" is actually a Turkish name and that the original name of the area is actually "Astili", which he explained means "gift". The gift in question, was from the god Zeus, in thanks for the protection afforded Him during His childhood in the Dicti cave, Zeus gave to the people the giant Talos, to protect them from invaders, and in fact, the mountain that overlooks present day Bali, is Mount Talos.

The enthusiasm that Vasilis brings to his subject, has a magical way of bringing the ancient times to life. All too soon, it was time to leave this amiable, informative guy, one of the nicest people you could meet, as he was starting to get busy, and we had taken a good deal of his time already.

Posto is also an internet cafe, so after exchanging email addresses, and of course making Vasilis aware of "Explore Crete", we bid him fond farewells, and assured him we will definitely be back there in September!

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