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Beach Bar Dolphin in Stalis Review by Inge (Holland) - Rating 08/10

When we went on vacation to Malia, by accident we came to Stalis and we found the Dolphin Beach Bar. It's a lovely small bar with a very friendly staff, the owner is from serbia and they certainly know how to make a coctail., especialy the sex on the beach. I certainly recommend it by day and by night.. The beach is very good there are no rocks. At night there is nice music.

Beach Bar Dolphin in Stalis Review by Shaun Bell (England) - Rating 07/10

A small but very friendly bar , with a very talented and excentric owner. If you have ever watched "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise, well the owner Chanos ( a Serbian) can absolutly blow Cruise away with his bar tricks.

The beer on offer is Mythos and Becks which are both reasonably priced at around 1.5 Euros for a large one. If you like cocktails ask for a "Fat Frog", you'll love it. He also likes to offer free cocktail samples some of which can be quite potent, especially the Dolphin special. You have been warned.

A very friendly bar owned by a very nice guy. Tell him he looks like Tom Cruise ,"a short guy with a big nose, how can you insult me like this" is his favourite reply.

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