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Review of "Aiolia" Greek Music Cd by Mihalis Nikoloudis

Aiolia is the island of Aiolos, the god of the wind. Aiolia by Mihalis Nikoloudis is a collection of thirteen songs strongly influenced or based on traditional Greek music. There are influences from Cretan music as well as music of other areas of Greece like Ipeiros and Macedonia.

As Mihalis Nikoloudis himself says: "Aiolia was born in Greece, the "crossroad" where winds blow all the time and sounds with Greek light are created".

The voice of Vasilis Skoulas, a famous Cretan singer and lyra player, offers a robust and masculine dimension to the excellent lyrics in 2 songs.

Sofia Tserou is the performer of the 12th song and her fresh voice fits perfectly to it.

Omar Faruk Tekbilek also participates in this CD.

Enjoy samples from the 13 tracks of the "Aiolia" CD.


  1. O topos (the place) 4:27, performed by Vasilis Skoulas. Sample
  2. Tsamiko (a traditional dance of Ipeiros and Macedonia) 4:37. Sample
  3. ilios theos (god Sun) 2:59, performed by Vasilis Skoulas. Sample
  4. Aretousa's dance 2:49. based on the "pentozali" dance of Crete. Sample
  5. Erotiko (Love Song) 3:22, performed by Sofia Tserou. Sample
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