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Reviews of Greek Music Cd "Sti Romaiki Agora" by Manos Hatzidakis

Greek Music Manos Hatzidakis "Sti Romaiki Agora" Review by Hasse B. Pedersen (Denmark) - Translated by Birgit Sneftrup- Rating 10 /10

Manos Hatzidakis was born in 1925 in Xanthi in Northern Greece. He has composed ballet-, theater- and film music together with a number of popular songs. In 1961 he received an Oscar for his music for Jules Dassins' film "Never on a Sonday" in which Melina Mercouri played the lead role as the prostitute in Pireaus who met a foreigner (played by Jules Dassin himself).
"Sti romaiki agora" is a CD with no less than 35 of Hatzidakis popular songs from the period 1947-85. Many of the songs are also recorded with other Greek artists, for examble Nana Mouskouri. They are romantic songs, which can get any Greek interested person to look back in time and dream a little about the years before Hatzidakis' death in 1994.

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