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Reviews of Stelva Apartments in Piskopiano, Crete

Apartments Stelva Review by Philip Baker (UK) - Rating 02 / 10

Imagine a stable, slap some whiteweash on it, chuck in a bed, and some kitchen stuff minus a kettle, toaster etc., etc, plus a tv that only has one channel, and that's it.Air condition is an extra three Euros per day as at July 08 these apartments are mainly occupied by youngsters who work in the bars and clubs at night, you may be more comfortable in your shed. One good thing the puddle ooops pool is nice, well sort of..

Apartments Stelva Review by Bev Garrett (England) - Rating 03 / 10

Not very impressed with Stelva Apartments in Piskopiano, they are basic and shoddy, the location was ok, about 1 mile up a hill away from Hersonissos town, would've been peaceful but for the music coming from the pool bar noon till midnight. Hygene wasn't brill, dead flies on the cooker hood and our blankets reaked of body sweat, we did get a T.V. but could only get two English channels.

Apartments Stelva Review by Gazza (England) - Rating 10 / 10

I stayed in the Stelva apparments in Piskopiano all summer 2006, as I was working there. As far as accomodation goes it was pretty budget, cheap and limited. The bar was shut all summer and one of the pools was out of action. Air con didnt work but that was reflected in the price. I shared a small room with 3 other guys and we managed to get the price down to 75 euros a month each cos we were there all summer, result!.
But the real bonus of this place was the manager, he was so cool, we were up most nights drinking, chatting and partying and he just didnt bother us, in fact he would join us some nights for a drink staying up til 4 or 5 just messin. We had regular big parties too when the guys who were working the bars would come over bbq and have a ball, all night sessions drinkin and goofin in the pool, and the manager couldnt care less.
If you want cheap accomodation and late night parties then check out Stelva Apartments in Piskopiano, well worth it

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