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Reviews of Paradise Bungalows Hotel in Anissaras, Hersonissos

Hotel Paradise Bungalows Review by Olivia (England) - Rating 03 /10

Although the Hotel Paradise has rated itself as a 4 star hotel, maybe just a few rooms are worth the rating, all the others are quite basic. We have spent 7 days here on an all inclusive basis in July 2008 in the bungalows area. The bathroom was in poor condition, the toilet was stained, the shower head was rusty and limescaled, the shower curtain dirty and worn,an awful smell was coming through the open drain in the floor. Although we were told we had tv in the room, that was not the case when we got there. there was a seif in the room, but if we wanted to actually be able to use it, they charged 20 euros. The service was ok, although the majority of staff was unfriendly, especially at the pool bar. The food was good, the coffee and the drinks for all inclusive package was the very poor quality and the wine was mixed with water. We would definitely go back in Crete, but not to stay at Paradise hotel.

Hotel Paradise Bungalows Review by Fred (UK) - Rating 06 /10

NOTE: Ages of those on the holiday were 48, 45 and 15. People of different ages will obviously find different things important.

About the Paradise Bungalows Hotel: The location is a little way from Hersonissos in Anissaras and ten minutes down to the beach where there is a public beach (two sun beds and an umbrella for 6 euros).

You need to get the local bus (air conditioned and cheap but mainly only on the main roads) or taxi to get into Hersonnissos proper or it is a long walk. Nearest bar is just 5 minutes along the road. Everywhere has steep (mainly unlit roads) so that may not be suitable for the elderly or if pushing kids around.

Nice quiet location with the two storey bungalows spread out overlooking Hersonissos. All very clean with towels and bedding regularly replaced and beds made each day. Two pools, one bigger with a kid's pool and the bar, the other smaller with no shallow end but a nice grass area with some trees to sit under.

Food was nice with a reasonable selection but not really 4 star, which probably sums up the accommodation as well. Amenities were a tennis court (in good condition), an indoor gym (equipment appeared to be not maintained so we gave it a miss), children's playground (overgrown and rusty so dangerous and unusable), ping pong (ok to use), crazy golf (some strange slopes but ok), limited day time kids club. One hard working young lady provides evening and day entertainment but beware if you like to sit things out. You feel obliged and occasionally forced to join in (especially in the evening) which is a shame as the poolside location would be nice if you had peace to enjoy it. We ended up going out some evenings just to be able to have a chat and a quite drink.

Staff were acceptably civil but not as friendly as we found last year on Rhodes and did not want to seem to make an effort if you asked about particular places, getting a taxi etc.

You can choose your friends but not other hotel guests!! For a number of days it was fairly peaceful with some very nice people around but guests started turning up, who let their kids run around screaming in the middle of the night (after the bar had shut) and others who just let their children do what they wanted even though it was generally anti social (a woman who works in a college in Chesterfield and her kids were known as the family from hell), and others whose kids were allowed to scream all the time, a holiday for the parents but no one else around. If you want a kids club you should book somewhere else. I think it could be a good base to go out and tour from, or to laze around (but not in the school holidays).

Out and About:

  • Star Beach is definitely for the young but if you get there early it is a lot emptier until the afternoon and you can get on the things much easier. Water slides, karting, a gym etc makes it good fun but it does get absolutely heaving as the day wears on. It is a fun place even if not in the 'first flush' and we all enjoyed the amenities and the daytime atmosphere. ·
  • Open Air Museum of Cretan Life is by Star Beach and well worth a visit. ·
  • Hersonissos is busy and noisy. Ok to shop in during the day but not very nice at night (for us anyway). We saw girls fighting, people falling over in the road drunk, and bouncers everywhere. Even uniformed security at the McDonalds.
  • McDonalds in Hersonissos is something to be missed. Burgers are acceptable, trays dirty, drinks disgusting, food left about so flies were everywhere, pavement by seats outside so dirty your feet stuck to the ground, toilets that matched the worse public ones. ·
  • Boat trips are relatively cheap and nice but watch out for the wind as if it gets up the trip can be a lesson in keeping your breakfast down. ·
  • Heraklion is worth a visit with a number of museums, Venetian Fort, Churches etc. If you are expecting it to be like Rhodes Old Town you will be disappointed though.
  • Anissaras beach by the Captains restaurant is clean and well looked after (6 euros for two beds and an umbrella). ·
  • By the beach is the Greek Taverna that is friendly with excellent food in nice gardens.
  • The 'Happy Train' runs though Anissaras, up into the hills and back through Hersonissos. A nice little trip with good views and scary descents!
  • Behind the Captains is Supermarket Mike that is cheaper than the beachfront ones.

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