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Hotel Krini Review by Jill (UK) - Rating 10 /10

We had a wonderful time staying at the Krini Hotel in Elounda. Anna was friendly and welcoming. George, Anna’s husband, didn't seem to do too much. Irini who works in the restaurant and reception during the day was exceptionally friendly and helpful. Manolis the night barman was friendly and the service was quick but keep him away from the bingo. He won quite a few games and is now hooked.

The food was excellent. Breakfast was a buffet with choice of cereal, salad, fresh bread, toast, jam, eggs (one day boiled, next day scrambled), some days baked beans, Greek yoghurt, cake, croissants. Lunch was waitress service with fresh bread and choice from Tuna salad, Greek salad, moussaka, spaghetti Bolognese, stuffed tomatoes, egg and chips, cheese omelette followed by ice-cream. Evening meal was buffet again but don't make the same mistake as most people did. Go up for one course at a time or you end up with 2 courses on one plate. Soup (self service ), Salad (self service ), Main course (served by Anna), veg., potatoes, pasta or rice, various meat each night including pork chop, chicken, meatballs, lamb, beef stew, Home made Greek dessert (self service), Ice cream (served by Anna or Manolis (the barman). Snacks were either Pizza which were really nice (and I don't usually like pizza) and toasted cheese and ham toasties.

The Cretan night was good for a laugh and Manolis got up and danced with the dancers. The rep Sandra did the quiz night. We didn't go to that so don't know what it was like. We had bingo most nights but that was because a great group of Scots took over the organising and called it themselves otherwise don't think there would have been any. Thank-you Tam.

Elounda itself is a beautiful place and the view of the bay and the mountains from the balcony is fantastic to wake up to. A ten minute stroll will take you into the centre of Elounda and the harbour. Excursions are easily booked with the tour agencies in Elounda and are nearly half the price the rep was charging.

We booked this holiday 3 weeks before departure and paid £283 each for 2 weeks. Most people seemed to have done the same with a few exceptions that had paid the brochure price. Would I pay the brochure price? No. Was really great deal at the price we paid but would have expected more entertainment for £500+.

Pool was vacuumed daily but the bugs were always landing in it. Guests passed on the job of fly fishing but seemed to enjoy it.


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