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Reviews of Anatoli Apartments in Hersonissos, Crete

Apartments Anatoli Review by Alex (England) - Rating 10 /10

I have just came back from my holiday in Crete and I can say that Hotel Anatoli is the best place ever.. It doesnt seem like it at all but it really is. Everyone there is sooooo friendly. They make you feel really at home and they are funny!

I can't really make any complaints about Hotel Anatoli because it was really good. The best thing about it Ii think is definitely the people that work there. They are really just the best. Every night I just wanted to stay there because they are great.

Anatoli is a great place, I can say that you will have a good time there!! I am going again in a couple of months and I' m staying in contact with the people that work there. It was the best holiday. I think everyone should try it !!!!

Apartments Anatoli Review byTracey Jones (Wales UK) - Rating 10 /10

Well what can i say! The Anatoli apartments were excellent S/C apartments. They were clean and well facilitated, someone came every other day to change towels and bed linen, Costa & Effie made you feel at home from the day you arrive to the day you leave, the location is excellent and the waiters are fantastic.

We were looked after throughtout our 2 weeks stay, I can' t praise it enough, it was one of the best holiday I' ve had in a long time and I enjoyed it so much. I' m now looking to go out to Hersonissos to work, the people and everything about the place was fantastic especially where we stayed at the Anatoli.

I could go on and on but you' d just get bored of hearing how fantastic Costa,Effie and the waiters were!! We even had construction work going on! and as noisy as it was we felt so at home at the Anatoli we did not want to go else where!!

Thats it a fantastic holiday recommended to everyone for sure.

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