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Village Dedalus Review by Jo Long & Sue Lockey (UK) - Rating 01/10

I have read many reviews on Dedalus Village and quite frankly after having spent eleven days there, it is a place I will not recommend. The village was hard to find as the coach driver dumped us with our luggage at the end of the village (roads too narrow for coaches)he said 'Up the hill and on the right' but it was on the left! A very steep hill, steps and bad lighting.

The reception was closed and a note left taped to a door telling us our apartment number and the key was in the door. After searching for 22 minutes a kind lady showed us were to stay. The room was very smelly and we spotted blood on the floor tiles and a bloody hand print on the wall!!! One top sheet between 2 beds, no top covers and one pillow each. Oh! and we had 3 visitors in the cutlery drawer! A mummy cockroach and her 2 kids! The pool area was cramped and the barman surely at first. There was no entertainment as suggested. Dedalus is very run down and it felt unloved.

The village of Koutouloufari is wonderful! Unlike Hersonissos there are no fast food places except delicious crepe bars. There are steep slopes and many steps, lots of fabulous tavernas all offering traditional Cretan/Greek food and also complimentary fruit or wine or coffee.

The best place was Rustico with a rooftop garden and a Greek show 3 times a week. Mike, one of the waiters was fab and made friends of everyone. We had complimentary ouzo, a caraf of vino and delicious chilled watermelon on each visit. The little shops were great to mooch around and the owners were so friendly and loved to chat. We found a delightful pool at the Galaxy and spent many days sunning ourselves there.

We ventured down to Hersonissos which although only 800 mts down hill it was a nightmare returning as the hill is almost vertical!! The beach areas are small and the shore was rocky and the tides very strong. Hersonissos is lively with just one long 2 km road to explore. I would return to Koutouloufari in an instant but NOT to stay at Dedalus Village.

Village Dedalus Review by Christine & Ken (UK) - Rating 07/10

We stayed at Dedalus Village in June 2008. When we arrived our apartment smelt very musty but fortunately we had brought some Cif wipes so could give it a good wipe down. The cleaning leaves a lot to be desired and the toilet bins were not emptied at all over the weekend. Have never had a problem with this before anywhere else in Crete. Koutouloufari itself is a wonderful place and even though Ken broke her arm halfway through our holiday we still had a great time. The tavernas in Crete are all wonderful, never had a bad meal. Can't wait until I can go there again, one of my favorite places in the world.

Village Dedalus Review by Helen (UK) - Rating 10/10

Dedalus Village apartments are one of the original set of apts in this small, quaint village. They are run by friendly staff who have worked there for years together. This really matters because they know the area, can help recommend places to eat - there are too many to mention - and drink.

The apts themselves are decorated typical cretan style, white walls,colorful bed covers etc.

The well equipped kitchens make self catering easy, you even have irons and ironing boards!

The pool bar is run by Leo, a very friendly chap who loves Tom Jones, Tina Turner and songs from the good old days.

The weekly quiz organized by Leo and the Thomson rep was great fun. Prizes for the winning teams!

If your looking to stay in a central location in a traditional village with knowledgeable, friendly people you' d do a lot worse than the Dedalus Village.

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