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Reviews of Mike Hotel and Apartments in Maleme, Crete

Hotel & Apartments Mike Review by Marilyn Harper (UK) - Rating 10/10

Although not a huge amount to do in Maleme itself, Mikes apartments are ideally situated to be able to travel either on your own steam or by using the various excellent local transport services. The hotel and apartments will be mostly filled with folks who have been before at some time or another - such is the pull of the place and the wonderful family who own and run the establishment. It is not unheard of that people go every year, sometimes more than once! The family quickly become friends and treat you as such.

The attention to detail to make your stay as comfortable as possible is wonderful with many thoughtful touches. They even provide you with "vitamins" to keep you happy! There is usually somebody we know visiting at the same time as us no matter when we go and its nice to renew friendships.

For me it is a laid back, de-stressing holiday where I usually eat too much wonderful food and drink too much local wine - but then what are holidays for?

Hotel & Apartments Mike Review by lord Mike (UK) - Rating 10/10

I have been to Mike's apts since 1994 and have returned 2-3 times each year at various times of the year. What can i say apart from they are the best well maintained and serviced apts i have been to and the owners and staff are the most polite and friendly people you would care to meet. Nothing is too much trouble and if they don't have something you want they will endeavour to get it to make sure you have a great time.

The home cooked food at Mike's hotel which is all traditional cretan food is prepared by Helena the owner wife and is delivered to your table by excellent staff and always with most politeness and good manner.

For me i will never find a place that will match the location and character of Mike's apts and i will never find the service that i have recieved for the last 11 years. Take my word for it that this is an oustanding place to stay and you will not regret booking. If you would like anymore info from myself dont hesitate to contact me on [email protected], i also have many pictures of the surrounding locations which im sure will tempt you to try this location .

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