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Hotel Christiana Beach Review by Allan J Powell (UK) - Rating 01/10

We have just returned from a week in the Hotel Christiana Beach in Stalis, Crete, which was booked through First Choice. Upon our arrival, which was 2 hours later than arranged due to our plane being delayed, we where promptly asked from our passports, rather than a welcome of any kind. We handed the passports over and we where pointed, across the dark gardens, in the direction of our room. The room was very basic with twin beds, although we had requested a double bed (which turned out later to be a fault on the part of the travel agent rather than the hotel staff themselves); it was so basic it had the feel of a hostel rather than a hotel. The room was on the ground floor and the door to the patio was broken and would not close properly, but the worst thing about the room was that there was a massive cockroach on the ceiling. The only good thing I can say about the room was that it had views over the bay. So after travelling from 10am in the morning till 1am the following morning we arrived to a crappy cockroach infested room and then had to protest in earnest to a rude receptionist get a room change! We were then given another room down a poorly lit pathway and entrance, which was also very basic. The bathroom was very basic and shower sprayed directly on to a electrical pullcord, and you felt as though your life was at risk each time you took a shower. The next day we went to speak to our holiday representative and the room was changed yet again to a slightly better one, but it was still very basic. The service was also poor, although the maid came to neaten up the room each day, the bed clothes and towels where only changed once during our stay.

In my opinion the hotel is a 2 star rather than a 3 star plus as we were told. The only two positive things about the hotel is the location, which is right on the beach with the pool overlooking the bay and the gardens. The breakfast was the same each day which was a continental buffet consisting of a hard boiled eggs, highly processed ham, cheese, bread, tinned peaches, sweet bread and chocolate spread. So as a result we ended up eating out for breakfast most days.

Overall I would not recommend the Hotel Christiana Beach to anyone. If you want to stay in Stalis I would say to have a look at The Anthoussa Beach Hotel which is a much grander hotel and looks like it is exceptionally run. I would imagine it is more expensive but for what we paid to stay at the Christiana (£400 per person for 1 week) I would have thought the standard would have been more like The Anthoussa Beach Hotel.

Hotel Christiana Beach Review by Louise Boardman (UK) - Rating 01/10

The Hotel Christiana Beach in Stalis, is my favourite place in the whole wide world. I have been coming to this hotel for the last 8 years. I have become dear friends of Nikos, Marielle and Baby Christina, the owners of the hotels, I regard them as my Greek Family.

The hotel itself is situated in the quieter end of Stalis, on the road to Malia, but not near enough for all the loudness and excesses of Malia. You can walk into Malia in 20 minutes, or take a cab for around 7 Euros. The Hotel is ideally placed, with a beautiful view of the sea. It is wonderful late a night to sit on your balcony listening to the sounds of the sea.

It is spotlessly clean, with the most lovely cleaning staff, that have been there for years, that know your name, and try their english out on you. Maria is in chage of the beautiful breakfast room, and is also in charge of all the cleaners, so she ensure that your rooms are so clean. Then you have Manos behind the bar, who works so hard, and is always there with a smile, and a trick to keep you amused. He also speaks excellant English.

The hotel Christiana Beach is so near to some beautiful restaurants. You have Baywatch with the lovely Giorgos, El Greco with Paul, Anaktoula, all with tables by the sea, so you can enjoy your meal in perfect settings. If you turn left outside the Hotel, you will come to Sergianos, a beautuful Greek Restaurant with Elena and Manolis in attendance. If you go further down, you will come to a restaurant called Mambos, which has terrific food, Scottish owner and french wife, what a combination.

My favourite Jewellers, the Prince of Gold, is not far past there also. Fantastic jewellery, and they also mend jewellery a lot cheaper than in England.

Good bar to go to is the Rovers Return (used to be called Volcano Bar). Costas is the Manager, he also is a very good friend, with George behind the bar, they have been there for many years. The Rose and Crown opposite Christiana Beach is a great place to stagger back from, that is where all our friends tend to end their night. I have made so many friends over the years at Christiana Beach, testament to that is that this year 38 of us, who have all met at Christiana beach spent the same 2 weeks there, and what a fabulous time we had.

If you want a Hotel, where you will meet nice people, children are welcome, and you do not get gangs of hooligans, then come here, you willl not be disappointed. I guarantee that once you have been you will keep coming back. Guess where I will be going again next year!! Louise Boardman - Manchester. On holiday 26th July 2005 - 9th August 2005

Hotel Christiana Beach Review by Rebecca Hyde (UK) - Rating 10/10

My family and I have just returned from the 2 weeks holiday to Crete. we had such a good time! Hotel Christiana is situated in a very friendly area. There are plenty of english speaking places so you feel at home.

The hotel itself is very clean (a maid comes everyday except sunday), they have a lovely pool and poolside bar with a friendly bar person called MANOS. If you ask him nicely he will entertain you with his special draw of tricks.

From the pool there are only a few short steps to the beach (with free sunbeds) where there is a beautifully clear blue sea.

My family and I took great pleasure in buying some cheap snorkeling masks and swimming with the fishes. It is a must, people play in the sea but do not realise what is swimming round their feet.

Food-wise the hotel provide a breakfast in the morning consisting of bread a selection of jams and meats, eggs small sausages, biscuits and cake also a selection of cereals. To drink there are tea, coffee and juice.

After breakfast from 10 till half 3 there are a selection of snacks you can order from the pool bar, i recommend the hotdog! lovely!

Eating out, there are a wide variety of resaurants incuding traditional greek, chinese, english even irish! On the first day we found a nice place called el greco, good food and friendly too.

We found one place we stuck to during the last week. The name was anaktoro restaurant just a few meters away from the hotel.

Once you have eaten there is a bar on the bottom floor called africa bar. both places are extreamly friendly and relaxing the bar man in africa bar is so sweet and so full of energy, we made good friends. (both a definate must if you want to eat and drink by the sea and just chill out)

If you prefer the traditional english food, drink and company the rose and crown (opposite the hotel) is a must. They show most football games and the sunday lunch is to die for!

As with most places there are downsides, a few essentials are mosquito repellents (the plug in ones are best, only 5 euros) plenty of water and suncream. If you choose to have a henna tatoo don't lay on the sheets as it comes straight off and you have to pay for the sheet.

The airport is a bit disorganised and you can not flush toilet paper down the toilet but is a small price to pay for the good times had in crete.

Some extras you might like to do whilst there are hire quad bikes or a car and travel into the beautiful mountains, the sight is amazing. Tthere are a few tavernas up there too! As I said before, snorkeling in any part of the sea is great fun! There are also plenty of places advertising day trips which you might like to do, including traditional greek nights and boat trips with barbecues. Something else my family and I enjoyed was watching a (free) movie at the bars they are like mini cinemas in the open.

Hopefully I haven't missed out on anything, hope you have a great time like my family and I, make time to take it all in and enjoy beatutiful Crete!!

Hotel Christiana Beach Review by Laura Hobbs (UK) - Rating 10/10

The hotel Christiana Beach is located on the beach road between Stalis and Malia. Top marks for everything! We come back year after year. We have no children & probably wouldn't go here if we did as there's no kids club so to speak (which is good!!) There are a few steps from hotel pool area that lead directly onto beach so this would suit children. The beach is sand and clean, water clear & blue. Sometimes if its windy though, you get exposed rocks & seaweed.

The hotel is very clean, good views over the whole of Malia Bay etc, other side of hotel (front) there is all the shops & tavernas & bars you can wish for. It is not very loud though as its set back slightly & not near to Malia's loud bars & clubs. This is about a 10 min walk away. This would suit older people, couples, and some children.

The staff always make you feel welcome. There is a pool bar which serves snacks in the day & it is B&B based serving a continental only breakfast.

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