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Reviews of La Strada Restaurant in Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Restaurant La Stradain Review by Tiffany (USA) - Rating 10 /10

La Strada restaurant is in the village of Agios Nikolaos, up the hill from the port / lake. If I could give this restaurant a 100 I would. It had the absolute best food on the island of Crete, and more importantly the very best service.

My husband and I ate at La Strada one night for dinner, loved it and went back four more nights to follow. Their menu is incredible, their hospitality is top notch, and their prices are amazing. I just returned from my trip and can honestly say that La Strada was the highlight of my visit to Crete. My husband and I coined the phrase "La Strada the happy ending to every day". It was fantastic, by the end of the week we knew the whole staff. Very friendly people. You won't be disappointed!

Restaurant La Stradain Review by Kate (UK) - Rating 10 /10

This is an excellent restaurant. Set above the lake in Agios Nikolaos, in a side street, La Strada is an Italian / Greek restaurant, with excellent food at very reasonable prices. They will even send a taxi for you from your hotel at their expense to collect you. Ate in there most nights, and saw the same people in eating as well, so that must have been a good sign. Well recommended!

Restaurant La Stradain Review by Steve B. (UK) - Rating 08 /10

At the top of the main shoopping street of Agios Nikolaos, La Strada was the first restaurant we ever visited the first time we went to Crete. It has since become first choice on arrival every year. Run by Manolis, who spends so much time behind the counter directing operations , we were actually amazed last year to find that he actualy had legs!

The food is a mixture of traditional Greek and Italian, good size portions, nicely presented in pleasant surroundings, and very good prices. Recomend the Siteia white wine, inexpensive, very drinkable, and quite potent!

Never had a bad meal there in 7 years and in true Cretan style, they remember you every year and welcome you like long lost friends. You will invereably met outside by Salvatori handing out menus but there is none of the high pressure attempts to drag you in like at many of the more sea front type tavernas, just a friendly "Good evening and welcome". Salvatori can also be found bby the harbour during the day,working on one of the Spinolonga boats, a lovely character, but just dont let him start singing "My way"!

Over all, good food, good company and good prices. What more could you need?

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