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Polyrinia is a small town in the area of Kisamos (north-western area of Hania prefecture). It is located on a hill, 10 minytes by car south of Kisamos (Kasteli) town. The town is worth visiting for its existing old buildings and the well restored old houses. Polyrinia was one of the most powerful cities of Greece in ancient times. You can admire the Acropolis of the Ancient Polyrinia which is built 418 meters high. The ruins of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period still exist in it.Take a walk in the narrow streets of the old town and admire the Roman Aquaduct and the Venetian Arches opposite to the marvellous building of the Municipality of Polyrinia (photo below).


Polyrinia, crete


Polyrinia, crete

On your way up to the ancient Acropolis you will see the "Acropolis" tavern of Mr. Yannis Sfakianakis.

The view is great and the shadow in the terrace of the tavern is absolutely refreshing in a hot summer day. If you don't feel hungry you may enjoy your drink or your coffee but if you decide to have lunch here then this is your lucky day!

The cuisine of Mr. Sfakianakis is absolutely great. Everything served here is fresh and produced by himself. Even a plain omelet becomes a delicious dish if it is made of local eggs. Do not miss the local lamb meat grilled or cooked with red sauce served with potatoes fried in olive oil (do not even consider comparing them to "french fries").

If you call "Acropolis" (tel. 08220-23340) before your visit to Polyrinia then you may ask Mr.Sfakianakis to cook something real special for you: one of his roosters in red sauce and traditional Cretan boiled rice.

Wine is also a tavern-owner's product and it is a great sample of Kisamos wines (red, dry, brandy-like wine).

If you can still eat something more after the delicious meal, then ask for the desert of Acropolis: fried cheese pies served with locally produced thyme honey. It would be a nice idea to ask that in greek: pites me meli. Does it sound too hard for you?

tavern "Acropolis" in Polyrinia, crete

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