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Ferryman Restaurant Review by Sarah Holden (England) - Rating 10/10

I have been on holiday to Elounda twice in the last 4 years. On both occasions we have found The Ferryman to be the nicest restaurant in the village. It is a family owned and ran restaurant - the staff are so very friendly. Last summer we returned after a two year absence and the waiter (who is English) remembered us - which just shows how fantastic they are considering the amount of customers they would have each season! The food is fantastic - some of the sea food is pricey but entirely worth it and the views of Spinalonga are amazing!


Ferryman Restaurant Review by Sarah Hegarty - Rating 10/10

I spent 2 weeks in Crete, 2 days in Elounda. Here we had the nicest meal of the holiday. The Ferryman Restaurant in Elounda is located along the docks, at the end of a long line of restaurants on the coast. You can sit outside by the sea. The staff are very friendly and helpful and will give you good honest recommendations. I started with prawns & avocado and had the fillet of fish of the day. This was the sea bream, they bring the whole fish to your table & fillet it there in front of you. The food is absolutely delicious. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!

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