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Restaurant Asteria Review by Wim and Hedy (Netherlands) - Rating 10 /10

We came in may/june for a short stay on Crete (8 days) It was last minute so we didn't know the town where we were going to, GOUVES. We have been on Crete for 7 times. But never have we been in GOUVES.

We stayd in hotel LAVRIS and THAT hotel is right next to ASTERIA. The first night we take a walk to the shops. After that, we looking for a bar to take some drinks......and drinks we got. That was by SPYROS and his family. We know the Greek are friendly. After a few minutes we must come sit on the bar, and have to tel that we are from HOLLAND.............

On monday - wednesday - Friday they have there a GREEK NIGHT with music and dance. And beware you have to dance AND play the music. At first the music starded with tradditional Greek music. Then SPYROS take's over, he drinks standing on a bottle and glas. Then the public must play along with the music, sitar, gitar, mandolin, bouzouki, pots and pans...Everything you can music with is there!!!! Also he has something for hairgrow and potention. It's an evening you will always remember.

After the show we got back on the bar with the SHERRIF, A frend of the family and BAR. Not one evening we were bored. After our short stay we have said that we will be back in August, because we had planned our holidays on Crete - Chersoninsos. And we had promised that we are coming to visit the family. So we have been there again, and again a great party.

Back in Chersonissos we met friends and we told them that it was there a very nice evening. And they will go with us. ONLY we will NOT go. That was the sad part of our holiday, we MUST go in a hurry back HOME. My wife's mother has suddenly died.

Restaurant Asteria Review by Amanda Fox (UK) - Rating 10 /10

Arrived in the week during the Euro cup - great laugh. We were all painted with the Greek flag before the France-Greece match. Spyros got into the spirit of things with the jersey etc and flags everywhere on the bar. The air horns were going off when they scored their first goal - and now they 've won overall. Excellent!!

Restaurant Asteria Review by John Brown (UK) - Rating 10 /10

This is the best restaurant with the best food and hospitality in the area. Mama,Papa, Spyros and Mike will make you most welcome. The food is excellent.

Go on a Wednesday and Saturday in particular for authentic Cretan entertainment.

I was there with my family last year and cannot wait to return again this July and August

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