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Reviews of Acropolis Restaurant in Hersonissos, Crete

Restaurant Acropolis Review by Stefaniew (UK) - Rating 10/10

The Acropolis resteraunt is the best in crete no matter what you're after a drink, a snack, its just the best. the waiters are very friendly and helpfull in every aspect. If you find the chance to eat here say hello to Bogdan and Costos for me. and remind costos about our photos. Oh and tell Bogdan to stop flirting with all the girls. Thankyou

Restaurant Acropolis Review by Suzanne Baber (UK) - Rating 10/10

This restaurant is amazing. The waiters are so friendly and are extremely helpful. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone as not only the food is delicious but the drinks are perfect. This restaurant is the place to go whether you want a quick snack, a proper meal or a drink by the seaside.

Restaurant Acropolis Review by Lesley Hodgson (UK) - Rating 10/10

This restaurant was perfect!! On our first night there one of the waiters dragged us in and we were so pleased he did. He gave us a seat about 5 metres away from the shore. It was really nice. The food was really good and the waiters were excellent, so friendly and helpful. They like to give couples the seats near to the beach and sometimes even go as far as moving people for a couple to sit there!
I definatley recommend this restaurant.

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