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Restaurant Mama's Kitchen Review by M. Reid (Canada) - Rating 10/10

Prior to leaving for our trip to Greece, we purchased a tour book to help us locate good restaurants, etc. while on our journey. Time after time we came away disappointed. However, while in Crete, we happened to come across a quaint little place on our own, called "Mama's Kitchen". We were so impressed with the value for our Euro, friendly atmosphere and great food, they we didn't venture any further to find a good place to eat. One of the owners, Dimitris went above and beyond. His daily suggestions of what we should try and the memories he created during our stay, will not soon be forgotten. He tempted our pallets with his daily specials and ensured that we ventured into the more traditional Greek cuisine. As well, he persuaded us to try a flask (or two) of raki and some local red wine which were both exquisit. To anyone visiting Hersonissou, we highly recommend that you give Mama's Kitchen a try. It was a delightful change from the many more visable spots. They are located in the laneway behind the Hotel Venus Melena and well worth stopping by.

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