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Restaurant Four Seasons Review by Jackie Badger (UK) - Rating 10/10

In Hersonissos we walked past many restaurants on the beach road all with gorgeous greek men trying to tempt us in. We were just out for a stroll and aimed to eat later on. Once past the many restaurants and not very far away from being the last one in view, we came across the Four Seasons restaurant.

A very pretty waitress was running across the road, tray in hand, transporting food to a diner in the beach side of the restaurant. She said good evening in perfect english, smiled and carried on with her task. The food looked and smelled absolutely lovely. A mixed grill on the largest wooden plate I have ever seen, complete with a lemon in flames! My husband decided we would have a drink and peruse the menu.

George, the owner of the restaurant (an extremely nice looking chap) bade us welcome, took our drinks order and left us until we were ready to order. Meanwhile I decided to pay a visit to the ladies. I have been put off eating in restaurants because of the state of their loos, but not this one - the toilets were immaculate. When I commented on this to Bea (the very pretty waitress, who turned out to be Goerge's wife) she told me that every customer commented on the toilets. I explained that to me a clean toilet is the sign of cleanliness within the kitchen and I feel that others may think that too.

The food we ordered was well worth the long walk, was very fresh and tasty and very reasonably priced. My hubby had a T-Bone steak that was at least 1 and a half inches thick. There was so much meat he could not manage the rice, chips and veg that came with it! I opted for the locaal dish stifado which is veal cooked in a tomato sauce. The meat fell apart in my mouth, it was the best I had had on the island (we have been coming to Crete for 8 years). At the end of a very pleasant relaxed evening my hubby was given the bill and I was given a white rose!

If you go to Hersonissos I would recommend that you visit The Four Seasons restaurant. If you do go, tell Bea and George that Jackie sent you.

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