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Reviews of Galini Restaurant in Koutouloufari, Crete

Restaurant Galini Review by Emma and Lisa (England) - Rating 10/10

Stayed in Koutouloufari in June this year and found Galini restaurant on the first night. Food was excellent (I recommend the Strawberry chicken!) and service was fantastic! Staff very friendly indeed and most entertaining especially Christos and Manos!! We ended up back there several times during the week always with same excellent service and delicious food and wine, even if it was just for dessert and cocktails! One of the highlights was the revolving toilet seat covers after a couple of raki's we found it highly amusing. Dont forget to ask for the matchstick story!

Restaurant Galini Review by Esra Evren (Turkey) - Rating 10/10

I have been in Crete for 3 days in ?ay of this year. Crete is the 4th Greek island that me and my boyfriend visited. We loved the food, the presentation of the plates and most of all the hospitality and the professionalism of the owner who served us himself for 2 times we have been there. The atmosphere and the way that all of them treated us was excellent. We think that G alini restaurant is one of the best in the world because you are not a client but a guest, may be even more: a friend.

Restaurant Galini Review by Paul Donegan (Ireland) - Rating 10/10

This is one of my favourite restaurants in the world. My girlfriend and I went on a 2 week holiday in the summer of 2001, the Galini restaurant in Koutouloufari was recommend to us by a friend of mine who was there a few weeks before we arrived, so when we got to Koutouloufari we looked it up. We could not believe how much we enjoyed eating there. As with most holidays you like to eat in many different restaurants but we found us going back to the Galini restaurant because of the wonderful food, excellent service and the friendly staff.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits Koutouloufari. Infact my girlfriend and I are going back there this year and the Galini Restaurant was a contributing factor in the decision to return to Crete in 2 weeks (end of May). One memory that stands out the most is on one occasion I decided to try the lobster, now I had never eaten lobster before and was a bit worried as to how you go about eating it. However my fears disappeared when the waiter took the time to sit down beside me and show me how to use the utensils for eating lobster and which parts of the lobster you can eat.

Thanks to all the staff at the Galini Restaurant for making our holiday a memorable one.

Restaurant Galini Review by Gill Hossack (England) - Rating 10/10

We stayed in Koutouloufari in September 2004 and ate in many of the village tavernas. Our favourite was the Galini, it was just wonderful. Prices are a little higher than in other restaurants, but value, choice and service was excellent.

I am vegetarian, so sometimes main courses are a bit limited for me, but here I was spoilt for choice. Our meals were served on the biggest plates ever and they were full!
Others I would recommend are the Pegasus and also Sergiano.
I would not recommend the Esperos or the Windmill. Koutouloufari is a lovely friendly little village and we really enjoyed our week there.

Restaurant Galini Review by Noel (Ireland) - Rating 10/10

Of all the great restaurants and tavernas in the charming village of Koutouloufari, Galini Restaurant was my favourite. My friend and I dined there in September 2002. We had tried almost every taverna in the village during our two-week stay when we came upon Galini one evening after an unusual downpour of rain. The staff made us feel very welcome and we were seated at a lovely table dressed with crisp white linen and shining silver. The waiters were exceptionally cheerful and professional. We decided to order a Taster Starter for 2 people (€12) and were shocked when a single plate with tiny amounts of fish roe, olive paste, cheeses and avocado spread arrived...delicious but not worth the money...or so we thought, until a few moments later
the waiter arrived at our table with a huge platter! This was actually the starter! On the platter were Greek specialities like meatballs, stuffed peppers, deep fried cheeses etc all garnished with fresh fruit and absolute feast and incredible value.

We were full at this stage and when our main courses arrived - Pork snitzhel and a Special Mixed Grill (both about €14)- we could hardly touch them. They were also excellent, though, and we felt very guilty returning
almost full plates to the waiter. We enjoyed a bottle of very good quality Greek Rose wine - can't remember the label - which cost €15. Delicious.

As we were sitting back finishing our wine and having fun people-watching, the waiter returned with two desserts of crepes and ice-cream "on the house". What a meal!

Our bill came to approximately €60 - which is comparable to Dublin mid-range prices - but it was well worth it for a very memorable meal. Top marks to the Galini.

And the WORST restaurant in Koutouloufari? The Chinese restaurant - don't remember what it was called - unbelievably poor food and way over-priced - small, poor quality main courses were approx €8 - €12..and they had the cheek to charge an extra €3 per serving of rice! To be avoided at all costs...there are too many great
tavernas/restaurants in this village to waste a single holiday evening in this one.

Oh memories, memories...wish I was back there now and not stuck in my office on a wet morning :( If you happen to be visiting soon...lucky you...enjoy this great island :)

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