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Reviews of Stavrakakis Tavern in Laconia, Kritsa (Lassithi)

Taverna Stavrakakis Review by Steve B. (UK) - Rating 09 /10

A real gem this one, hidden away in the country-side, we got to know of it from Cretan friends of long standing. Good as taverna food often is, many tavernas offer pretty much the same choice, but Stavrakakis is different.This is one of those special places where the local people go for a special meal.

As it is not easy to find,let me offer directions: Leaving Ag.Nikolaos on the Sitia road, turn left at the lights for Kritsa, then almost immediately right again, heading for Mesa Laconia. Though you may be told it is at Laconia, don't expect to find it straight away. Continue on through a couple of small villages and keep on for about 5 or 6 kilometres more. As you round a slightly rising left hand bend, you will find Stavrakakis on your right.

We had the benifit of a Cretan friend who ordered a meze, so sampled a wide range of the food on offer. All I can say is though the place might not look five-star, the food most definitely is. Of all the wonderful meals we have enjoyed in Crete over the years, nothing comes close to this!

Absolutely beautifully prepared and cooked, washed down of course with Raki, a meal fit for the gods. All I can say, is if you want real Cretan food, beautifully cooked, this is one very special place. Try it and you wont be dissapointed!

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