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Tavern Ippokampos Review by P. E. Leistra (Netherlands) - Rating 10/10

Taverna Ippókampos in Makrigialos / Analipsis is run by Dimitris and his Dutch fiancé Maggie. They created a very cosy and colourful atmosphere with lots of lovely details like a wonderful wall painting of the myth about the bull Zeus taking Europe to Crete. There is also a little shop in the restaurant where Maggie sells olive oil, honey and herbs and spices.

The seaview is perfect (try to be there before sunset and watch the sun go down!) The food of chef Nikos is excellent. Especially his sauces are great (try the pork in lemonsauce or the meatballs in tomatoesauce. Delicious!) He also does magic on the grill (the souvlaki is very tasty).

Very friendly service by Maggie and Dimitris themselves and good and honest prices (we paid around 20 - 25 euro for a dinner for two, wine included). We always got something extra like a free glass of Ouzo or watermelon after dinner.

You can find this taverna next to the farmacy of Makrigialos. Or just ask. It's a small village, everybody knows this lovely young couple. Really if you're in the neighbourhood: visit this restaurant! You will not be disappointed.

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