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Reviews of Blue Sea Tavern in Malia, Crete

Tavern Blue Sea Review by Jamie O' Connell (UK) - Rating 10/10

The blue Sea tavern in Malia is a great place for holiday tourists that like to have a great drink and meal at low prices. The bar is very clean and is situated on the sea front. The staff there are very nice and chatty, they make you feel really welcome as you take your seat. The food served there is the best food that i tasted while in Malia. They also make great drinks and my best one was called the "blue dream". This is a mixture of tropical juice coconut and alcohol. I would be sure that anyone who goes to this bar would like it and would make sure they go there again, it's great.

Tavern Blue Sea Review by Jon (UK) - Rating 9/10

This Tavern near Sun beach had the coldest and best draft Amstel beer I have had in Crete. It is perfect after a long day sunning oneself, as it is situated on a small hill on the beach. It is friendly and very chilly.

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