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Restaurant Petrino in Malia Review by Julie Morgan

A trip into Malia, Crete, when you are in your forties always makes you feel like the oldest person in the world but be brave!

Away from club land and behind the old church of Malia there is a labyrinth of winding roads packed with tavernas suitable for the more sedate diner.

One of my particular favourites is Petrino Inn, a pretty taverna overhung by grape vines. The staff always make you feel very welcome and the food is of a high standard.

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On this occasion we ordered a Kleftiko, which is a mixture of lamb, vegetables and potatoes all served together in a foil wrapper which was served to us still flaming. The waiter took the time out to tell us the origins of the dish. That it is a Cretan speciality and the reason that it was cooked and served all in one dish or foil is that it used to be carried up into the mountains to feed the bandits who were in hiding.

Petrino tavern in Malia, Crete, Kreta

After our delicious meal we were given a pair of scissors and invited to snip off a bunch of grapes which were then taken away, washed and returned to us to enjoy with our drinks. We sat a while longer as darkness descended listening to the strains of the live Bouzouki player at the next taverna. We signed the visitors book and it was with delight that this year we received a Christmas card from them instantly taking us back to the lovely night we spent at their taverna in Malia, Crete.

Petrino restaurant in Malia, Crete, Kreta
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