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Myrovolos in Hania, Crete
the entrance to Myrovolos restaurant in Chania

Myrovolos Restaurant in Chania

In the narrow streets of the historical center of Chania you will find "Myrovolos" restaurant.

It is located in Zambeliou Street and the building is a 1290 Venetian house.

The restaurant is in the ground floor and there is a spacious patio decorated to resemble an old Greek town.


Myrovolos in Hania, Crete
Enjoy Greek music at Myrovolos restaurant

Rebetika music in Myrovolos

Enjoy your dinner while listening to Greek music played by a small band.

The music style is what we describe as "rebetika" here in Greece.

It is music imported in Greece by Greek emigrants from Asia Minor in the beginning of the century; it became popular in the 80s.


Myrovolos in Hania, Crete
enjoying a summer night in Myrovolos restaurant in Chania

Dishes from Crete and Greece

The cuisine of Myrovolos is based on Cretan and Greek recipes. You should try the "Myrovolos" salad, stuffed mushrooms, the fried eggplants, the "tourta" (pie stuffed with lamb meat and cheese) or the "sfakiano" lamb (lamb cooked with a special recipe from the Sfakia area).

There are some nice local wines in "Myrovolos". Ask for some wine from Kissamos or Archanes area.


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