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Review of Kostas family taverna in Piskopiano

Kostas family taverna in Piskopiano - review by Joanne (UK) - Rating 10/10

I too have been holidaying in Crete for many tears. . . And was fortunate to find Kostas family taverna!! wonderful food and hospatality. . . A must if you can find the taverna. And if you make your way threw Malia and up the mountains to the village of Krassi, there are other delightful family tevernas serving equally delightful homemade greek food.


Kostas Family Taverna in Piskopiano - review by John ( Ireland ) - Rating 10/10

When you come out of Davids, cross the road and take the right hand side of the “v” up to the back of the village where you will find Kostas Family Taverna. It is a pity that this restaurant is not on the main street as many people have missed the opportunity to eat in a proper family run Greek restaurant.

A good few years ago we were in the museum at the back of the village, (worth a visit), and we passed by Kostas where he was making tsatziki, (yoghurt, garlic, cucumber and mint). He had a large bucket full of garlic and was crushing the gloves to add to the tsatziki. The smell of garlic was fabulous and a group of about twelve of us went up that evening for a meal.

Memories of that night are rather hazy due to the liberal quantities of alcohol dispensed for free by Kostas after we finished a huge meal. As far as I can remember we were eating and drinking for about five hours and the cost was in the region of ten euro each.

The majority of restaurants also serve steaks, mixed grills, omelettes etc. You should know that a mixed grill is usually enormous, It will have pork chops, lamb chops, small steak, sausages, bacon, sometimes liver, chips, eggs, tomato’s and whatever else happens to be available

I forget to mention that the cost of a three or four course meal in the other restaurants should be in the region of fifteen euros, including a drink or drinks. You should remember that most of the time you will be given fresh fruit and nibbles along with a shot or two of raki, (Greek potcheen, more on this later) after the meal. These are usually free and with the compliments of the owner to show their appreciation for your custom. We always leave a tip as the service is usually good and the salaries are low in comparison to the rest of Europe.

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