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Review of Restaurant Mezes in Piskopiano

Restaurant Mezes in Piskopiano- review by Max (Holland) - Rating 10/10

For 5 years now we're going to the same restaurant in Crete, Mezes restaurant in Piskopiano. Mezes is a very pleasant family-run restaurant with an excellent Greek kitchen on the island of Crete. If you say Mezes, then you can also say Alex and Christine, who are the owners of the restaurant. These friendly people will offer and guarantee you a true experience of delicious home-style cooked food and warm Greek hospitality.

Mezes is locateted in Piskopiano. After being and owning the restaurant Mezes for 8 years in Piskopiano they want to take on a new challence. So next year Alex and Christine will open up a new restaurant in Koutouloufari. And guess what the name will be??? " Mezes by Alex and Christine ".


Restaurant Mezes in Piskopiano- review by Jim (Ireland) - Rating 08/10

Located on the hill from Piskopiano down to Hersonissos on the left hand side of the road just past the Frida Appartments, Restaurant Mezes is run by Alex and Christine a charming couple who made us feel very welcome when we visited in June 2003.

The word "mezes" means a combination of greek dishes and essentially you get a sample of 7 different starters, 3 main courses together with a carafe of wine & drinks for the kids, desert and coffee. One mezes is more than sufficient for two people (we shared one between two adults and two children and still had more than we could eat!)

If you have not tried greek food it is an excellent way to introduce yourself to what is a very underrated and healthy type of cuisine. If you like greek food than it is a most enjoyable to while away an evening eating good food that is terrific value for money and is served in a very friendly atmosphere.

For a family of five (Two adults and three kids 14,11 & 9) the bill came to 43 Euro!! For that four of us shared a mezes and we had one additional main course and had more than enough to eat. Well worth a visit!

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