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Restaurant Mouragio Maria in Rethymnon Review by Wolf and Stephanie (Germany) - Rating 08/10

Before starting writing about the restaurant Mouragio in Rethymno, I have to say that I don’t like salesmen and their practices, trying to entice people to come in and taste foods. This is, though, a common practice in Greece and although I don’t like it, i love Greece and Crete so much that I have learned to live with it. Mouragio also follows the Greek pattern, with salesmen and people inviting guests to come in. Nothing bad you will say; and actually it’s not bad at all, because we were lucky enough to join many more people who were enjoying a lovely meal by the harbor.

We decided not to go with the suggestions of the salesman, but to choose from the menu. The prices on the menu were a little on the expensive side, but nothing too alarming. Given the location it is expected to pay a little more.

We ordered some seafood dishes both for starter and as main course and Greek salad. Everything was delicious and very Greek, sprinkled with oil and herbs, which we really enjoyed. We also took some Cretan sweet with syrup for desert, and it was really lovely, although little too sweet!

We both enjoyed our evening at the restaurant, mostly because we were not forced to buy what they suggested as in other restaurants, and because the catered flavors and the view were splendid, and quite romantic I may add.


Restaurant Mouragio Maria in Rethymnon Review by Kay (England) - Rating 04/10

This is to warn other travellers about what we consider to be very sharp practice at this restaurant in the quaint Venetian Harbour at Rethymnon. Never was the phrase "caveat emptor" - let the buyer beware - better used.

We were looking for somewhere to eat and were accosted by an employee or perhaps the owner of this establishment. He showed us a travel guide which had rated this restaurant very highly. We knew we were being hustled but decided to eat there any way. That should have been our warning.

We were brought the menu and then a waiter arrived with a tray of fresh fish. He suggested that we have a King Prawn each (with a little squid thrown in for good measure. He then suggested either the fish or lobster - thank God we went for the fish. Heaven knows how much the lobster would have cost!

The owner/employee joined in, describing how it would be cooked and it all sounded very nice. SO - and this was our really BIG mistake - we decide to go along with this suggestion WITHOUT ASKING HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST.

Oh dear - although having seen the menu, the prices did not look too alarming - we expected to pay a little more for the restaurant's location - but we never suspected how much that extra would be. We ate our starter - beautifully presented and very tasty.

Our fish turned up accompanied - as promised - by a jacket potato - and tablespoonful of plain boiled rice. The fish was delicious but we did not fancy either the rice or the potato, which looked as if had been micro-waved then put in foil to look oven-baked. We shared an ice cream for dessert and had a Greek coffee each.

Imagine our horror when the bill for 122 Euros turned up. We had been charged a whopping 44 Euros for the 2 King Prawns and 54 Euros for the 2 fish. Most nights we had eaten out for very much less than the price of the starter alone! There was very little we could do as we had eaten the food, but we were furious - with them and ourselves.

So - our advice is ALWAYS check how much before you agree to eat. We are seasoned travellers and walked away kicking ourselves for being stupid but we also felt very strongly that it was a deliberate ploy on the restaurant's behalf.


Restaurant Mouragio Maria in Rethymnon Review by Patric Bettens (Belgium) - Rating 09/10

We were at the Mouragio Maria in Rethymnon in 2006. We were invited to sit on the terrace by one of the waiters. We were invited to have a look at the fresh fish and we choose the fish they suggested : lobster, gamba, dorado-filet.... I must say the food was excellent, they were superfriendly, also for our kids, we were offered a glass of water when we sat down... We enjoyed the marvelous sight of the old harbour... everything perfect ! When we got the bill, it wasn't cheap, that's right, but we found we had good food for our money. And then I read the review on this site. We were surprised about the comment on the quality of the fish! So we were a little reluctant to go to the Mouragio Maria during our visit in Rethymno in july 2008. When arriving at the old harbour one thing was clear : lots of terraces were as good as empty, except the mouragio maria !! So we decided - despite the bad comment - to visit this restaurant again. And we had the same welcome as 2 years ago : friendly people, water on the table, special attention for the children... This time we choose from the menu and had a Greek salad as starter and shrimps and mussles as main course. It was again perfect ! We are fish-lovers, eating in fish-restaurants almost every week, so we know what good fish tastes like. We paid 120 euros for 3 adults and 2 children, including whine and beer. I don't think that is too much for what they served ! It is true that the same dish will be cheaper in a restaurant downtown Rethymno, but of course you pay a little for the marvelous location also. Normally we go to Crete every two years, and we are shure that Mouragio Maria will be the place to be every time we go there. PS : Mouragio Maria is in the top 10 for Crete of 2 restaurant guides ( Dutch and German )


Restaurant Mouragio Maria in Rethymnon Review by David (UK) - Rating 01/10

The Mouragio Maria is one of many restaurants in a prime position alongside the harbour at Rethymno (Nearhou 4-5, Rethymnon). The situation is ideal and offers an excellent setting on the waterside and a great view of the sunsets We saw that the speciality was fish and were offered a table.

The smooth talking "waiter" (salesman) then told us how the fishermen were the friends of the people of Crete, risking their lives to catch quality products. He showed us lobster and crayfish which we declined and instead of looking at the menu we ordered from his description.

We ordered a seafood starter and fish (sea bream) for the main course. We ordered a bottle of dry white Cretan wine. To be honest the seafood starter was fine but alarm bells rang when the couple on the next table got their bill and threatened to call the police.

The fish course was terrible and my wife did not eat any -poor fish flavour, full of bones and covered in oil. I ate some of mine but it was poor quality - the size of the fish was approx 250-300 gms. I complained to the "salesman" and he said that the fish was ok but would only charge for one main course - the reduced bill came to 91 euros -over £60. I complained to the manager about the sales methods, the quality of the food and the price. I told him that he was letting down the people of Crete and tourism generally by his restaurant's methods of conning people.

My advice to anyone visiting this particular restuarant - don't. If you do sit down look at the prices from the menu - don' t walk , as you are invited to the fish tank - don't accept to pay by the price per kilo The bottle of wine for which we were charged 15 euros could have been bought at the local supermarket for 2.75 euros - this demonstrated the excessive overpricing. This restaurant claimed to be in business for 34 years - it does not deserve to be in business for much longer.The routine is well rehearsed and they know exactly what they are doing.

We enjoyed the remainder of our time in Rethymnon, eating at several restaurants and we were very happy with the food, prices and quality - in fact in complete contrast we had an excellent fish meal at the Anyasis taverna which cost just 25 euros for two I would gladly go back to Rethymno but not to the Mouragio Maria restaurant.

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