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Review of Restaurant Nostos in Rethymnon

Restaurant Nostos in Rethymnon - review by Maria Van Dommelen (Netherlands) - Rating 10/10

Nostos restaurant is really the best in the region of Rethymnon, spend many years holidays, two, three times a year on Crete and this place is outstanding, the quality and taste is unbelievable good and it's something else compared to the rest, also inside, the decoration is high class! During Christmas I will be in Platanes/Rethymnon again and guess where I am for dinner, I'm already looking forward to eat again at one of mister Mixalis tables at Nostos Restaurant!!!

Restaurant Nostos in Rethymnon - review by Yannis Samatas (Crete) - Rating 10/10

Nostos Restaurant is located on the beach road in the town of Rethymnon.

At Nostos you will find a wide variety of Greek dishes, many of the them based on well-known Greek recipes. What makes Nostos special is its chef, Mihalis Harisis, whose inspiration has created unique tastes with fresh ingredients. The menu of Nostos includes soups, salads, apetizers, meat dishes, young lamb and goat dishes, as well as seafood dishes. There is an excellent wine list with carefully selected Greek wines and the people of Nostos will gladly help you to choose the right wine to accompany your meal.

The people of Nostos like to describe their restaurant with the following words:

"For the ones who wandered in the world of taste, Nostos (return in Greek), to stand for the ultimate challenge of never leaving again".

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