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Restaurant & Beach Rockas in Episkopi Review by Spiro Polomarkakis (USA) - Rating 09/10

Coming back to the place where my ancestors roamed many years ago was an exceptional ecperience for me. I stayed in the village of Epikopi with my Uncle. It is the village that my Grandfather had grown up in and where my family had lived for generations. One of the few places to go for food was a place called Rockas. Not only wwas the food great, but the location was so beautiful, words could not do it justice. Here it goes anyway. The setting is a all white-sand beach which is not crowded at all; ever! So with that in mind, you can sit 20 feet from the water's edge and dine on many specialities from the chef / owner, Elias.

Main courses include stir fries, a rarity in Crete, grilled meats, pastas, seafood and island specialties. My favorite part though had to be all the appetizers. From cheese pies, to salads, to saganaki, 6 variations to be exact, to octopus grilled with vinegar and lemon, everything always eased my appetite.

And as far as the bar goes, it was not what I expected at all. Coming down from the village you are drenched in local customs and sights. The bar at Rockas was something you might see in Spain or even America. It was one party after another. Djs from around the world played all through the night, while locals and tourists danced the night away. And if you ever get stressed, about what I don' t know, the beach is just steps away. It is a place to spend the day and let the time slither away. What a great time Rockas provided me.

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