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Review of Restaurant Pink Flamingo in Sissi

Restaurant Pink Flamingo in Sissi - review by Linda Van Mourik (Netherlamds) - Rating 10/10

Pink Flamingo restaurant in Sissi is a great place, with a great atmosphere. George and Maria and their daughters are genuine nice people, and their new waiter John is a really nice British gentleman. There is a playground for children, and you can also come with your baby, babychairs are thought of as well. We have enjoyed our stay in Sissi very much, mainly because of this great place and the people we met here. George, Maria, John, Catharina and Alexandra, THANKS!

Restaurant Pink Flamingo in Sissi - review by David (UK) - Rating 10/10

pink flamingo restaurant in sissi

Since our first visit in 1995 we’ve got to know George and Maria, their daughters Katerina and Alexandra, and Maria’s father Hercules. Their bar / restaurant has about twenty tables arranged both under cover and out overlooking the road on a patio area. A grassed area with a small walled fountain and a children’s playground completes the layout.

restaurant in sissiGeorge & Maria cater for a mainly English clientele, but also for the German and Dutch tourists who frequent the village. Their menu is written in Greek, English and German with prices in Euros.

Whatever time of day you turn up George welcomes you with his broad smile, a wipe of the table and a menu. He generally opens around 10:00 or a little later on a Sunday and breakfasts range from the traditional yoghurt with honey or fresh fruit to ‘full English breakfast’ with toast and jam, tea and/or coffee – Cretan style.

Lunch, we tend to eat on the move, buying sweetmeats ( Back to Sissi via the bakery for cheese pies, apple pie and orange slice for lunchtime snack ) from Pepo Bakery, but if you want to eat at lunchtimes, then choose something light from George’s extensive menu which I’ll cover in more detail in Dinner.

Afternoon tea is a typically English event which cannot be reproduced in Crete and which most English people don’t bother with anyway. Dinner is the meal that the visitor normally has earlier in the evening than the Greeks who tend to eat very much later because most of them are working all day supporting the tourist trade!

large potatoWe normally start off with half a litre of Malcivino, a fruity red, or an equally tasty white. Most meals are accompanied by bread and butter, though I prefer to eat my bread with salt and olive oil. Talking of which, generally the olive oil George provides is his own from his grove in the mountains behind Sissi. In fact George & Maria grow their own potatoes (including this specimen weighing one kilo!) and George’s mother cultivates oranges near Chania.

Typical dishes on the Pink Flamingo menu include - Saganaki (cheese), souvlaki (kebab), kleftiko (parcel), stifadho (traditionally made with rabbit), giant white beans, fish (including delectable swordfish), spaghetti, pizzas, horta, Greek salad, moussaka, chips, tzatiki, baklava, kadaifi. Fresh orange juice, Mavrodaphne, Greek coffee, cocktails, melon, grapes, prickly pears, briam.

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