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Petrol Prices in Crete

petrol prices in crete
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Petrol prices in Crete today exceed 1.7 €

Unfortunately petrol prices in Greece have become quite expensive and Greece has the 4th more expensive petrol price in Europe, after Netherlands, Italy and Denmark (July 2014). 

You may find the petrol prices in Crete to be a bit higher than other areas in Greece, especially Athens. The reason is the transportation costs from Athens to Crete.

Thus, if you plan to drive around during your holidays in Crete, you should factor the price of gas into your budget.

Average Cost of Unleaded Petrol in Crete

The average cost of unleaded petrol in Crete was 1.785 € in July 2014, and prices vary from 1.71 € near the larger towns to 2.00 € in remote areas.

How to save money from petrol

Here is some information on saving fuel and money that you should know when renting a car in Crete.

  • Petrol prices differ from gas station to gas station.  The gas company that the gas station belongs to, as well as the location of the gas station in Crete, are the most common reasons for the differences in prices.
  • While there are no certain rules about this, petrol prices in gas stations in the centre of the town and along the highway are usually more expensive than those in the suburbs.  Also, it is common to find that petrol prices in remote towns and villages to be more expensive than those charged by gas stations closer to bigger towns in Crete.
  • Fuel from well known companies is also more costly than the petrol prices charged by smaller gas companies.

Petrol in Crete is sold in Euros (€) per litre.  If you want to calculate the gas price per gallon, take the price from the table and multiply the price by 3.85.  If you want to convert this price from Euro (€) to dollar ($), you can use our currency converter here.

More useful information about gas station prices and where you can find the cheapest petrol in Crete can also be found below.

Find the gas stations in Crete with the cheapest petrol prices

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