Petrol Prices in Agios Nikolaos

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Petrol Prices in Agios Nikolaos Gas Stations

Petrol prices in Agios Nikolaos are higher than those in Heraklion. The majority of the gas stations in Agios Nikolaos can be found along the highway. The gas stations where you will find the cheapest petrol prices are near the entrance or the exit from the highway.

Prices in other towns far from Agios Nikolaos, like Sitia, Ierapetra or Makrygialos, are usually higher.

Petrol Prices in Agios Nikolaos in Summer 2014

  • The lowest price for unleaded petrol in Agios Nikolaos was 1.757 €, while the higher price for unleaded petrol was 1.858 €.
  • The price for Super unleaded gas ranges from 1.939 € to 1.985 €.
  • The price for diesel ranges from 1.385 € to 1.478 €.


This list of petrol prices in the area of Agios Nikolaos was sourced out from the Hellenic Ministry of Development.


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