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Rethymnon Beach Guide

rethymnon beaches map

Map of Rethymnon Beaches

Check the number next to each beach to locate it on the map of Rethymnon prefecture.

1. Episkopi beach

episkopi beach

Episkopi beach



A few km of sandy beach with several beach cafes. There are parts of the beach with no facilities; the stretch opposite the Episkopi crossroad and extending up until the Petres bridge is such an example


2. Gerani Beach

gerani beach

Gerani beach



A cove with a pebbly beach and a tavern in a picturesque setting under the Gerani bridge. Good for snorkelling.

Beach Report 1 by Webmaster: Unfortunately in October 2006 we found a lot of garbage in the caves of the Gerani beach.

Beach Report 2 by Ruth E: As of June 2008, the Gerani beach is no longer good for snorkeling. There is still a small beach, but it is no longer picturesque, either. There is an access from freeway in process, and it has seriously messed up the beach and the underwater plant/animal community. The primary bay is mostly inhabited by sea urchins. Hopefully things will recover after the road is finished.


3. Rethymnon Beach

rethymnon beach

Rethymnon beach



Rethymnon beach is a 12 km sandy beach that starts from inside the city and it extends to the hotels area to the west until Scaletta.

It is usually rather crowded inside Rethymnon but it gets quieter towards the west, past Missiria and Platanes.

4. Geropotamos beach

geropotamos beach

Geropotamos beach



Geropotamos beach is a sandy and pebbly beach under the Geropotamos bridge, which is on the highway leading from Rethymnon to Iraklion.

5. Panormo beach

panormo beach

Panormo or Panormon beach



The sandy beach of the town of Panormon.


panormo secluded beach

If you look for a secluded beach, then follow the dirt track past the Marine Grecotel Hotel towards the west.

There are a few pebbly coves if you wish to be alone.

6. Bali beach

mpali beach

Bali beach



Mpali or Bali beach is about 30 km east of Rethymnon. Four different pebbly and sandy beaches in the protected bay of Mpali.

7. Rodakino beach

rodakino beach

Rodakino beach



There are a couple of pebbly beaches in Rodakino, plus a marvelous secluded beach (Agia Marina) behind the hill at the west end of the road.

Agia Marina beach in Rodakino

Agia Marina beach


The beach known as Agia Marina beach is clothing optional occasionally. There are no facilities available on this beach and the rocky seabed makes it good for snorkeling.

A dirt track leads to this beach and you may ask instructions from the locals.

9. Souda beach

souda beach

Souda beach



Souda is a nice sandy beach 3 km west of Plakias and definitely less crowded. For snorkelling go close to the rocks.

10. Plakias beach

plakias beach

Plakias beach



Plakias beach is a long sandy beach with its east part clothing optional.


plakias beach panoramic picture

Panoramic image of Plakias beach

11. Damnoni beach

damnoni beach

Damnoni beach



Another nice sandy beach.

12. Mikro Amoudi beach

mikro ammoudi beach

Amoudi beach



Amoudi and Mikro Amoudi beaches

Two sandy beaches within walking distance from Damnoni. Mikro Ammoudi is a naturists' beach and it is so small that it is almost always packed with people.

Amoudi is further down the dirt road, very close to the Mikro Amoudi beach.

The name "Amoudi" comes from "amos", which means sand in Greek. Mikro is the greek word for Little.

13. Schinaria beach

Schinaria beach



Schinaria beach is a sandy beach accessed from Lefkogia village on the road from Plakias to Preveli.

14. Preveli beach

preveli beach

Preveli beach



Preveli beach by the Preveli river. The famous palm-forest of Preveli is here.

An oasis of lush vegetation offers unique moments of relaxation for those willing to walk a little along the river and trying to find a quiet spot.

This forest used to be a favourite destination for hippies in the early 70s. People used to live here in huts made of palm leaves till late '80s.

There is an easy way and a hard way to access the beach:

- the easy way is to get the boat from Plakias or Agia Galini. The boats depart from Plakias at 10:30 and return at 16:00.

- the hard way is to use your car and take the road to Preveli Monastery. About 1 mile before the monastery you will see the sign for the parking place. Leave your car there and start walking down the many steep steps that lead to the beach. There are magnificent views along the way and going down is no problem. The problem starts when you have to climb back to your car. Take it slowly and take plenty of short breaks. In about 30 minutes you will be in your car.

Read more about the history of Preveli

15. Drimaskianos beach

Drimiskianos beach



Drimiskianos beach is a sandy beach east of Preveli and very close to it. A dirt track leads to Drimiskianos from the old stone bridge that you will see to your left on your way to Preveli.

If you get to Drimiskianos, then you may easily walk the path to Preveli beach.

The east part of the beach is clothing optional. The beach is good for snorkelling.

16. Kerames beach

Kerames beach



Nice pebbly beach preferred by the locals. Good for snorkelling.

17. Ligres beach

ligres beach

Ligres beach



Ligres beach is a long beach with fine pebbly, a tavern and very few rooms for rent. The east part of the beach is clothing optional occasionally.

18. Akoumia beach

akoumia beach

Akoumia beach



Akoumia beach is a long beach with fine pebbles. Very few tourists here, mostly locals. Good for snorkelling.

19. Triopetra beach

triopetra beach

Triopetra beach



Triopetra beachis amagnificent beach with lovely sunsets.

The photo shows the three rocks that give the name to the beach ( Triopetra = Three Rocks)

20. Agios Pavlos beach

agios pavlos beach

Agios Pavlos beach



The beach west of Agios Pavlos. If you walk to the east of Triopetra you will discover a long sandy beach with very few people on it.

It is a clothing optional beach and it can be also accessed from Agios Pavlos over the sand dunes.

There are umbrellas but no other facilities are available.

21. Agios Georgios beach

Agios Georgios beach



Agios Georgios is a nice pebbly beach accessed by car or by boat from Agia Galini. Good for snorkelling.

22. Agia Galini beach

agia galini beach

Agia Galini beach



The beach between the town and the river is sandy beach that can be quite crowded during July and August.



agia galini beach

The beach past the river to the east. A long beach with big pebbles and a rocky seabed.

Part of this beach is clothing optional.



Read more about Agia Galini:


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