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   "Crete, center of the globe, island of passion, magic and mysteries. Crossroads of past cultures and future dreams." Dimitris is from Netherlands. He lives 15 years in Crete.


   " I was only an eleven years old when I first came to this beautiful island. I came with my mom & my baby sister. It was a first time when I ever went out of my own country.
When I first walked out from the plane and hot summer air, fragrant with scent of exotic flowers, first reached my face I knew something beautiful was going to happen.
I don't know at what time exactly I lost my heart to this fascinating island, was it when I observed an kind old lady spinning her spinning wheel,or when a young beautiful boy innocently flirted to me for the first time in my life or when an old man helped me on his donkey who then carried me up to nearby village and when I decided I have to have a kind & funny creature like this donkey someday of my own.
Or was it when I saw the mountains, swam in Cretes cooling waters, fell in sleep listening the sound of waves or saw the almond trees in bloom few years later. Maybe it was when I learned to eat feta cheese and when my mom let my lips have a taste of Ouzo and when I observed never ending growds of people, different nationalities having fun in Crete's beautiful soft night. It surely could have been the many hours then & after, when I learned about Cretes history and visited the palace of Knossos...
But I do know it happened. Now I' m thirty three, been traveling a lot, lived in several countries, seen many exotic places, have not yet had the donkey but a few kids of my own and have an endless thirst of history, my passion, which I believed started at Crete long time ago. I' ll never forget Cretes beauty and the way it touched a little girls innocent & pure soul and the permanent mark it left to her heart. I'm forever grateful of that. " Aurora is from Finland but lives in USA.


   "Crete, to me, is where one feels God's presence more than anywhere else. Whatever one's image of "God" is. It is where it's so easy to be oneself, where the mind gets its natural rhythm and pace, where things simply ARE. I have seen quite a few people who went to Crete and came back different, finer human beings. It's the atmosphere, the people, and the landscape." Marjeta is from Slovenia.


  "Crete is beautiful...There is a big variety of landscapes in a short distance. Also, there is a big variety of people and habits , because till 20-30 years people were living isolated in their own villages and communication was rather difficult.
To live in Crete is an adventure in all senses... You may find the best and the worst very closely and people are complicated like our landscape, but warm. I like the south coast of the island where I have spent a long time, the sea-water is clear and you can find, if you wish, a beach for your own. " Manolis Alifierakis is from Iraklion


   "We visited Crete for the first time last April and just fell in love with this enchanting island ( I personally would wish to come and live there.) I have a deep love of Cretan music, particularly the Lira and in April, Lars, Sofia (his wife) Maria and Olympia and myself spent many nights at the Cafe Kriti in Hania enchanted by the owner and his son dancing every evening to unbelievable lyra players. These very authentic evenings got into my blood!!!! " Sam Naomis is from Australia.


   " My first visit to Crete was completely unplanned. With three friends I found myself on a ferry heading for Crete to avoid the rain in Paros. Every cloud has a silver lining! That was in 1990 and since then Greece, and Crete in particular, has come to occupy a special place in our lives.
Our wish, not achieved anywhere near often enough, is to spend time in Crete both early in the year and again towards the end of the season. In between times we have to make do with fond memories helped along with greek style cooking, and whatever retsina and raki we have left, all to the sound of Greek music. And now of course, after all the advice, I can add a reasonable frappe or two to the menu." Tim Todd is from United Kingdom.


   "In Crete I have some good friends in the area of Gouves and I made a website for them. During the last two years I try to learn the Greek language but it is not easy, as I don't have much time because of my job. However when I am at the mountains of Crete, where no one speaks English, it is a real pleasure to communicate with the old people with my little Greek speaking.
Next time I will come to Crete I will search for a house because in some years I would like to live there - after 11 years visiting Crete I know that this is a place for me not only for party or something like that - the Culture the People and the kind of living make me want to stay there a longer time." Patrick is from Germany.


   Kriti or Crete... To me it's the No 1 island in Europe. I've visited Kriti so far only two times but I'm sure that number will increase rapidly for me. Actually I just came back from a two-week vacation in the beautiful village of Georgioupolis.


   "We went to Crete for the first time in 1986. Since then we have been there countless times. To us Crete is a place where everything is: Sea, mountains, wonderful people, and wonderful places. I think I have left a bit of my heart nearly everywhere around the island." Birgit is from Denmark.

Judy and Denis

   "I first visited the Greek Islands in 1971 when tourists were extremely thin on the ground . Over the years Crete has become our favourite place and since then my husband and I have visited this marvellous, enchanting island most years and last year bought our own house there on the south coast!
We are surrounded by the most wonderful people that one is likely to meet whose hospitality is the most overwhelming and humbling. Going there has always been like going home and now we really do have our own home there, about twelve steps from the beach. Idyllic!!" Judy and Denis Friedland


   "Hi! Like so many other greecetourists I think Crete is a wonderful island. Five years in a row I have been there on vacation together with my family. I love the Mediterranian Sea, the island and the people, the sunrise is the most beautiful I know and every time I have to go back home I leave a piece of my heart..... My longing is so strong that I have done my own Greece webpage." Greetings, Maj-Britt Simble from Sweden


   "Thank You for a beautifull page. Crete we are on our way to you! April 2002 will be the time. See You for the first time. We have been visiting Greece since 1985 as often as we could aford it. WE will LOVE Greece for ever." From, Jytte Lynge Nielsen


   "I have travelled in many parts of the world, Asia, Africa and so on. But Greece and especially Crete will be in my heart forever. There is an unbelieveable mood on the island and a "laid back"-attitude, which I like very much. My dream has through many years been to buy a house on Crete - today it's a goal for me." Henrik from Denmark.


   "Hi there! I want to say that I read Yannis Samatas' s guide on Crete and wrote down a few points and places to go. I' m from Tel Aviv, Israel and I was in Crete last week from 6/10 until 10/10 with my boyfriend and we had an absolutely amazing time!!
We stayed in Agia Pelagia at the Capsis Beach Hotel <AMAZING> and rented a Seat Ibiza and drove to Rethymnon, Chania, Moni Preveli and Preveli Beach, Agia Galini, Iraklion <only a bit though>, Falassarna, Spili, Kissamos, Episkopi and all the little tiny roads between Rethymnon and Preveli.
It was all amazing, but the best of them all, although the drive was long and the roads unlit at night, was BALOS LAGOON and it was absolutely beautiful, fantastic and amazing and breathtaking...pure amazement. It was literally the highlight of our trip...we stayed there for 3 hours and didnt want to leave. Amazing!
Yannis' s guide was really good, thats what i want to say, and I' m sooo happy I went to Crete because it was heaven on earth. Literally. And it did wonders for our relationship. We didn' t conquer every corner of the island but its ok because it was splendid as is - besides, there' s always the second time around which I' m sure we will have. I just want to say that I have no words. I had the best time. I didnt even want to come back home.
Great website, great guides. Thanks!


"Kalimera! I am a young lady from Eastern Europe and I have just come back from Crete. I loved everything around there. Greeks are really nice guys who managed to enter my soul and my heart. Not to mention ellinika!!! I am now trying to learn it.Next year I will visit those places again!!!!! I like your photos a lot. Congratulations! Efharisto poli!" Julie


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