Greece wins the Euro 2004 football cup

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July 4, the night of Greece - Greece wins the Euro 2004 football cup

Everybody knows already how Greece beat Portugal in the final of Euro 2004 and won the European Championship. I won't repeat the story myself but I will try to describe how this victory was celebrated in Heraklion in Crete.

Ten minutes before the end of the game everything showed that Greece would be the winner with a score of 1-0. It was going to be a unique night in Greece and I didn't want to miss the experience of the public celebrating the victory in the Eleftherias Square in the center of Heraklion. I left home quickly and I walked to the center. I arrived there 3 minutes before the end of the game.

People were still watching the match from the many video screens at the Elefhterias Square. It looked like they were holding their breath waiting for the end of the game and the victory of Greece. Second by second the match was coming to its end and everybody was praying that nothing unexpected would happen.

The people of Heraklion watching silently the last minutes of the match


It was a huge relief when the whistle of the referee sounded the end of the match with Greece being the winner of the Euro 2004.

One week ago nobody believed that Greece would make it but now the unexpected had happened.

As CNN says: "No team in a World Cup or previous European Championships have done what Greece have done here. They have beaten the host nation ( Portugal ) twice, knocked out the holders (France), beaten the favourites ( Czech Republic ) and won the tournament with a foreign coach".

It was a great moment for Greece and its people. Greece was the winner and the name of Greece was heard all over the world. The all-night celebrations had just started...




- VIDEO 1 (1,15 MB). The moment of the victory. The match has just ended

- VIDEO 2 (2,12 MB). Fireworks in the sky of Heraklion. Listen to the people shouting "Hellas, Hellas" and later, singing the Greek National Anthem

- VIDEO 3 (369 KB). People driving and walking to the center of Heraklion

- VIDEO 4 (300 KB). The celebration continued with Cretan music

INSTRUCTIONS. Click on the video links and the WIndows Media Player will open and play the video files. If this doesn't work, then right-click on each of them, save them in your hard disk and then open them with your video player.


People from every part of Heraklion drove or walked to the center to take part in the huge celebration.





People replaced their shirts with new ones, more appropriate for the celebration


People celebrating the victory of Greece in front of the monument of Eleftherios Venizelos


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