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Walk around Crete in 50 days - Day 22 from Kokinos Pirgos to Agia Galini

Timbaki to Agia GaliniNumber of steps 15578
Burned calories 594
Distance 12 km
Time 02h 12'
Puls at arrival 90
Weather: sunny, sometimes warm, at the end some clouds


Woke up at 08.00 and had breakfast (toast, cheese, fresh bread and my elliniko sketto - diplo) with Yannis.

I left Kokinos Pirgos at 10.00 to Agia Galini. Weather is sunny (19C) and not cold. Ii have a beautiful view of the harbor of Kokinos Pirgos and the Lybian Sea. I took the small road from the harbor (500m) to the main road. It is warm (23C) now and no wind, some clouds. I spot lots of greenhouses, mostly with tomatoes and peppers.

Joining the main road at 10.20 and turning left to Agia Galini. Nice view of the Paximadia Islands. I start climbing now (10 %).

It is 10.30 Passing a military zone and overlooking Kokinos Pirgos. Nice bay, but left and behind it nothing else but greenhouses. I only see plastic !

10.45 I find a dead dog (long time I think) near the roadside. He or she has still the necklace and the chain.. horrible !

10.50 Entering the municipality of Kourites and the Prefecture of Rethymnon. On the road side I spot some big 'barlia' orchids.

11.00 Passing again the military base. A sign says: "'Warning military dogs in action". Action? Circus? Don't see or hear anything. In front of the zone, almost all the land is for sale...

Arriving at a junction that says Rethymnon 100 km, Agia Galini another 6 to go ! On the road side I admire at least 50 orchids 'Italica'. Never saw so many together. A real pink carpet ! Here I stop at the cafenion 'Mandres' and order a 'zorbas' beer. Yes I know it is early (11.30) but I can not resist it ! It has only 5% alcohol and the climb until here has 10% ! I make contact with the Hotel Hapimag in the area of Plakias for the coming press conference. The people from "The Haven" will try to organize it. Friendly manager who gives us the accommodation for free. Hoping it is going well. Bit more wind now and clouds. My foot is ok, but I feel it is not 100% yet. Needs more time, I guess.

I leave 'Mandres' at 12.00 From here I can see Agia Galini and the rocky island of Paximadi. A small dog is guarding some 60 goats. He is free and runs up and down. This is the system ! Bravo mr. shepherd !

12.30 I find another dead dog (sad), along the road.

13.00 Brian and Irene are passing me and will wait for me in Agia Galini. At the bridge (13.05) I admire the streaming water and the relaxing noise. In Agia Galini I only see hotels and rent rooms. Lots of new ones. It is like they expect a tourist 'boom' Some nice ones, with cute balconies ! I met Brian and Irene at cafenion Ilios, owned by Suzanne (a wonderful woman) from Germany and her friend Manolis. We have a 'Mythos' together and some small 'meze'. Later we will go to my overnight place. First we wait for some friends.

Brian made a nice board to announce to meet me here, in Ilios ! From Barbara Fretwell, Patricia Constantine, Suzanna as well as from Brian and Irene I got some money to support my trip. Thank you very much, it is a great help ! Suzanna even gave me some dog food sticks, to give to the barrel dogs on my walk.. Well that's nice ! Thanks Suz ! They all are real animal lovers and I will see them back after my trip, for sure.

This evening we will have a meal together and I will sleep very peaceful on top of a fantastic hill, view on the mountains (Psiloritis) and the beautiful Agia Galini bay.. Kalinihta !

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