Walk from Agia Galini to Spili

Walk around Crete in 50 days: Day 23 from Agia Galini to Spili

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number of steps 36576
Burned calories 1385
Distance 27,8 km
Hours walk 05h 10′
Pulse at arrival 100
Weather: Sunny, up to 23C sometimes heavy wind, almost no clouds.

Woke up at 07.00 and had a wonderful breakfast with Brian and Irene. “The Birds” are South-African/English and live since last year on Crete. What a magnificient couple ! I think I made some good friends here.

Brian brought me to the old road to Melambes and I started my walk at 09.10. It is hot
(20C) and almost no wind. In the taverna, yesterday evening, I met Roland, a Belgian and manager of the hotel Andromeda. I’ll contact him after my walk. Suzanna, from “Ilios” www.isolegreche.it was there too. Wonderful woman from a wonderful cafenion. Just visit her, there in Agia Galini. Perfect place and service !! Brian’s dog “chilli” was playing all the time with me. Lovely animal..Irene told me that he adopted them ! Nice story.

09.20 I pass the junction of the Ag. Georgios Beach. Agia Galini is down on the left and the view is breathtaking. Amazing south ! No traffic on this road, only goats, sheep and a few, locked up turkeys. The road climbs and winds..

09.50 Brian was there again ! He brought my map of Crete which I forgot on the breakfast table ! What a perfect man ! I am so greatful for that. Thanks pal !

10.25 Getting warmer now (23C) and I am so “close” to the Psiloritis that I almost start to climb its south slope ! What a panorama. The bells in the valley make me think of Switzerland and Austria, where I spent so many, nice holidays. Especially when I was 23, which is the case today ! (remember one day of walk represents one day of my life ?) I look maybe 50, but I feel 23 ! Again everywhere those pink “Italicas”.

10.40 I spot Melambes, cemetery on my left, 200m before the village. I am almost 500 m above sea level now. In Melambes I got sad news… Ella’s dog (Ella is the animal welfare volunteer from Mirtos – see report Mirtos) got killed by a car, while jumping out of her car, just at the vets place. She was taking him there for a vaccination. She would take him with her for her yearly stay in Sweden ! How sad. And, please God, tell me why it had to happen to such a wonderful woman ! I feel really sad, but carry on.

11.05 Arrival at Melambes. An old mountain village, sometimes dirty and not maintained houses. The public telephone box is demolished… I spot no strays, but many cats. The olive grove valley beneath me is a real green paradise, just at the foot of the highest peak on Crete.

11.20 Leaving Melambes and end of the climb.. More wind now, but going downhill.

12.15 Arriving at the main road. Will walk it for a while as I have no alternative..12.30 Kria Vrisi. Old village. Don’t see much movement.

13.00 I spot Platanos, a quiet mountain village.

13.10 I am at the local road now, but close to Akoumia. This road seems very long, so, has there is not mucht traffic (its noon) I continue on the main road.

13.40 Arrival in Akoumia. Old village, nothing special. Christina and her mother wait for me there with the support car. We drank “elleniko sketto” at the “platia” and I decided to walk on to Spili. No overnight in Akoumia… Another 10 km ! Tomorrow I will stay at Spili and rest a bit as my left foot is still not 100 %.. Gayner comes to see me there, with Sandra, her volunteer. We’ll meet up in the afternoon. She let me know that the press conference has to be delayed, due to the problems the Animal Welfare has in Piraeus.. I respect this. We’ll have it in Chania or Heraklion, later during my walk. Locals are playing cards or “backgammon” and shouting at eachother.. I leave Akoumia at 14.50.

15.10 I spot a field full of Iris Algerianus.. Very colorful ! Hundreds of them !

15.30 I am at Kissou Kampos. Beautiful church, copie from the Byzantine style.. Nicely built.

15.50 First glimpse of the Spili area. I am happe, because very tired ! It is still 22C. Lot more wind now. Everywhere I pass, small rivers with noisy waterfalls and cristal clear water. It makes me forget the terrible main road….Can’t resist to fresh up a bit on a streaming, old well. The sun is leaving me now, looking for a place to sleep, somewhere in the west. Soon she will disappear behind my “Lybian Lady”.

16.20 Arrival in Spili.

16.30 Rendez-vous with Christina, her mother and Elida, a Libanese woman, living in Spili. She pays me the overnight stay in Green Hotel www.greenhotel.gr ! Perfect ! I recommend this to everybody ! Elida is selling Cretan carpets and all kinds of local products. When one is in the area, pay her a visit ! It is worth to. Elida likes animals very much and will make some publicity for my project in the village. I will introduce her tomorrow to Gayner.

In the evening I have a meal with Christina and her mother and they drive home. Me, I enjoy Green hotel at its best ! Tomorrow, rest at Spili.

Kalinichta !

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