Walk around Crete - Sfinari to Platanos and Fournados

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Walk around Crete in 50 days - Day 35 from Sfinari to Platanos and Fournados

Sfinari to PlatanosSteps 20766
Burned Calories 846
Distance 15,8 km
Hours walk 03h08'
Pulse at arrival 81
Weather: Sunny, strong North wind Average 21C


Woke up at 08.00 and had breakfast with Patricia. Sweet bread, boiled egg, home made marmalade, honey and a good filter coffee. Outside, a friend of her's, Manoussos was already working in her garden.. Manolis, her neighbor was continuing on hos own church... Nice piece of art, beautifully painted (by himself !) inside..

Patricia drove me to the Platia from where I started my walk at 11.20. Lots of wind and 17C. As I climb up I see the greenhouses of Sfinari.. Tomatoes. In this area there are a few good fish taverna's and camping is free !

12.15 I see the first boat on the West coast, going towards Kasteli Kissamos or Ghania.. The sea is much calmer, sign that the weather is going to be better, although the wind is extremely violent, up oin the hills where I am walking.. I am already very tired...

12.40 I am at the level of Falassarna Bay.. with a large sandy beach. In front the island (a big peace of rock) of Podiki, raising out of the sea and nicely illuminated by the sun.

13.15 Leaving the E4 track (goes on the right into the mountains) and continuing to Platanos, which I enter at 13.20.. Cold village, nobody talks or say hello... Big, in another way, because of the many services for tourists... hotels, bank, rent rooms, taverna's etc... I pass quickly and rest a bit in an olive field, (tired after the long, difficult and boring road towards Platanos) listening to the singing birds, who are trying to stay on top of the blowing north wind..

Continuing on the main road towards Kasteli Kissamos, I am careful.. Terrible road with fast traffic ! Peace is over... But I find a dirt road at Agios Georgos to climb up to Fournados.. I have rendez-vous with Annie, Patricia's friend, giving me overnight here. She will meet me at 17.30..

I am much earlier in the village and explore a bit. .In an olive field I spot a wall, built with old stones.. It is warm, 22C and the ideal time for lizzards to lay in the sun, taking some energy.. I am looking around... Suddenly I spot a big green one... The game starts! Going in and out the holes, the lizzard watches me carefully... I take position.. And, after 15'.. Bingo.. nice pictures !!

At 17.10 Annie calls me while I am enjoying a tasteful grapefruit. Another 20' before she will be home.. No problem, that was the agreement.. I'll wait in her garden, as she explained me where she lived.. Nice house, white and blue on the hill side. Quiet place..Hot shower, vegetarian dinner and "mavro krasi".. Again a spendid evening !

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